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Sponsored by the Nova Scotian Institute of Science and supported in part by a grant from the Nova Scotia Museum, the Proceedings are published quarterly.

Cumulative Author Index, Volumes 1–44: Updated Author Index
(now including Vol. 44, Part 2)

Content of Latest Proceedings: Vol 46, Part 2, 2011


Content of Earlier Proceedings:

Vol 46, Part 1, 2011
Vol 45, Part 2, 2010
Vol 45, Part 2, 2010
Vol 45, Part 1, 2010
Vol 44, Part 2, 2008
Vol 44, Part 1, 2007
Vol 43, Part 2, 2006
Vol 43, Part 1, 2005
Vol 42, Parts 1 and 2, 2004
Vol 41, Part 4, 2001
Vol 41, Part 3, 1997
Vol 41, Part 1 and 2, 1996
Vol 40, Part 2, 1995
Vol 40, Part 1, 1993
Vol 39, Part 4, 1992  (cumulative indices to Vols 1–39; author index now available online)

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   (Sept/05: a photoreproduction of 'Flora of Nova Scotia' is again available)

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Dr. P.G. Wells
Dalhousie University

Editorial Board:

Peter G. Wells (Dalhousie University)
David H.S. Richardson (Saint Mary's University)
Sarah Stevenson (Dalhousie University)
Gail LeBlanc
Roby Austin (Saint Mary's University)
Nola Etkin (UPEI)
Mike Dadswell (Acadia University)
David Garbary (St. Francis Xavier University)
Bruce Hatcher (Cape Breton University)
Martha Jones (Cape Breton University)
Eric Mills (Dalhousie University)
Andrew Hamilton-Wright (Mount Allison University)
Brian Petrie (DFO - BIO)
David Piper (BIO - NRCan)
Martin Willison (Dalhousie University)

The Proceedings of the NSIS will consider for publication original articles principally, but not exclusively, in the areas of natural and engineering sciences as well as papers emanating from studies in the health professions. Papers that develop new scientific theories based on scientific principles and/or analysis of data particular to Nova Scotia or the Atlantic Provinces are particularly encouraged.

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