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Windows 3.1 Browser Software
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Windows 3.1 Browser Software

Please note: the programs provided here cannot be used to log into your CCN Classic account which already uses the Lynx text browser. Several can be used to connect to Chebucto PLUS (via PPP not SLIP) and so are included here. They can also be useful tools when developing HTML documents on your local computer, before uploading them to CCN Classic.

Trumpet Winsock
Application that allows a Graphics Browser to connect using either a SLIP or PPP connection. You can get the shareware winsock package, Trumpet Winsock (v2.0b) via ftp from
Graphical browser for use over a SLIP connection only. Cannot be used with Chebucto PLUS.
Another, better known, graphical web browser for use over a SLIP connection. Mosaic has more features than Cello, and is somewhat easier to configure and use. Very useful for viewing html docs graphically on a local machine. This link will access the latest version of Mosiac. Should check the documents carefully to make sure you have all the related programs and utilities you want/need. Cannot be used with Chebucto PLUS.
Netscape is what we in the telecommunications biz call a client. It's a piece of software that lets you navigate around the Internet in a graphical way through your network or dial-up connection. Its primary job is to take the information the Internet gives you about where you are and what is there and display it on your computer. Netscape does this by rendering a text file called a HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, file.

Netscape brings you more of the Internet with less of the complexity. The cryptic acronyms and jargon haven't been banished entirely, yet you can go a long way toward enjoying the features of:

  • Richly formatted, multimedia pages (without studying HTTP)
  • External graphics (without mastering GIF and JPEG)
  • Secure transfer of information (without deciphering RSA technology)
  • Full-fledged newsgroup interaction (without worries of NNTP)
  • Simple mail delivery (without dwelling on SMTP)
  • Shareware and public domain software libraries (without the intricacies of FTP)
  • Internet application access (without nightmares of UNIX)

Utility to allow use of Winsock apps even when a SLIP connection is not in place. Useful for running graphical browsers to test local HTML docs.


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