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Winsock Instructions
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Winsock Instructions


   If you get the error message "Cannot find WINSOCK.DLL" when running
Netscape Navigator that means your computer is looking for the WINSOCK.DLL
file, which is part of a winsock package (also includes dialer,
TCP/IP stack).

   A winsock package makes it so that your PC can talk TCP/IP, which is
necessary for Netscape to run. See the "Running Netscape" section for
details on running the Netscape Navigator, and the "Obtaining a Winsock
Package" section for suggestions on obtaining a winsock package.

Obtaining a Winsock Package

   You can get the shareware winsock package, which is called Trumpet
Winsock (v2.0) from the PDA under the Windows 3.1 Browsers sections.

   Other winsock packages which we have tested without problems are:

    FTP Software's PC/TCP
    Microsoft WFW (Wolverine)
    Microsoft NT

Implementation (general):

   Put the winsock in its own directory, for example, C:\WINSOCK,
and include the directory in your DOS PATH statement.

   Enter Windows, create a group in the Program Manager for all files
with your winsock program.

   Please be sure that the Netscape directory is in your path located
in your autoexec.bat file.  You may need to add:
PATH=C:\(name of the directory where netscape is located)

   After making this change, save the file and reboot your


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