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Sunday, September 24th, 2000

Well, we were totally rained out at the Word on the Street street fair this year. Here is a view of the inside of our crowded tent. What is not apparent in this view is that we were operating in several inches of swift running water. Many thanks to our hard-working volunteers and dedicated Chairman of the Board, who all put in a stupendous effort under trying conditions.

Some video clips recorded by
visitors to our tent:

Alana's clip

Amy's clip

Byron's clip

Chris' clip

Chris Wood's clip

Cole's clip

Cynthia's clip

Dawn's clip

Doug's clip

Elyse's clip

Hugh's clip

Isabel's clip

Jeanette's clip

Joey's clip

Josh's clip

Keegan's clip

Mack's clip

Malanie's clip

Michael's clip

Ryan and Denise's clip

Shawn's clip

Silvert's clip

Stefan's clip

Sterling's clip

Tom's clip

Trevor's clip

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