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A Knitter's Companion: DVDs for all knitters

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The Guild of Canadian Knitters did excellent reviews of Ess 1 and Ess2 in their publication Knit Together. way down.)

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The Knitter's Companion Series:

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(more than 2 hours of fibrous frolic)
For much more detail, see Knitting Essentials 1 detailed Index.
A huge collection of basic techniques.
(more than 2 hours of pointed pleasure)
Knitting Essentials 2 detailed Index.
More Bind-Off Methods, more Cast-On Methods, Circular Needles, Cutting Your Knitting, Finishing Basics, etc.
(almost 3 hours of incredible live sock footage!)
Sock Techniques 1 detailed Index.
Half the sock techniques you need to know to really love sock-knitting.
(Approximately 2 hrs and 50 mins to keep you on your toes .....)
Sock Techniques 2 detailed Index.

The other half.

New Titles released in 2007, by the same great film crew.
DVD cover Knitting Gems 1 (2h 03m) (Rated for Enquiring Knitters)
Gems 1 detailed Index.
Applied edges, Buttonhole Essentials,
I-Cord Basics, Cords, Braids and Bobbles
Presenting the Picot Family, Twists, Kinks and Bias
DVD cover Knitting Gems 2 (1h 45m) (Rated for Enquiring Knitters)
Gems 2 detailed Index.
Becoming Ambidextrous, Steeks, Shapings and Scissors
Little Mysteries, Short Row Techniques
DVD cover Knitting Gems 3 (1h 46m) (Rated for Enquiring Knitters)
Gems 3 detailed Index.
Beading Techniques, Cable Talk
Lace Basics, Yarn Handling Tricks
DVD cover Knitting Gems 4 (1h 54m) (Rated for Enquiring Knitters)
Gems 4 detailed Index.
Cool Cast-Ons, Even More Increases
Daring Rescues, Odds and Ends
Fancy Bind-Offs
DVD cover Double Knitting Delight (2h 27m) (Rated for Knitting maniacs!)
Double Knitting detailed Index.
Tubes on Straight Needles, Circles Within Circles,
Cast-Ons, DK and Ribbing are Cousins,
Bind-Offs From Single to Double,
Shapings in DK From Double to Single,
Pockets and Patches; Two Yarns, Two Sides, Two Hands!
Edges and Ends, Colour Patterning and Quilting
DVD cover Finesse Your Knitting (2h 16m) (Rated for passionate knitters!)
Finesse detailed Index.
Tubular Bind-Off Methods, The Afterthought Pocket
Grafting Stitches: Top to Top, The Magic Buttonhole
Perfect Grafting: Top to Bottom

New Titles released in 2008, again filmed by Colin M.
Intarsia 1 Intarsia Untangled 1 (2 hours 27 mins), 978-0-9782898-3-6 K Intarsia knitting, despite its (highly undeserved) poor reputation, can in fact be enjoyable and yield wonderful results.
On this disc: we look at preparation for serene knitting, tackling the first few rows, reading charts, tangle reduction and resolution. Learn also how to maximize the number of ends that may be knitted in and to make the best use of those tails which do require darning.
Also included are a number of cool rescue techniques.
Intarsia 2 Intarsia Untangled 2 (2 hours 22 mins), 978-0-9782898-5-0 L Now that you enjoy intarsia, here are some sophisticated skills to help you tackle special situations: long horizontal colour jumps without breaking the yarn or having to think ahead, as well as a selection of slick tricks to make life easier.
Explore textured stitches within colour blocks, sculpted shapes and how to analyze patterns to see what lies ahead.
Intarsia 2 Finesse Your Knitting 2 (2 hours 17 mins), 978-0-9782898-4-3 M
Expert shoulder shapings and various joins, setting-in fitted sleeve heads with ease.
Experience the exquisite joys of double bands: knitting-up the stitches (right first time, every time), equalizing the two sides, adding shaping to the corners of the bands, and reversing for the inner layer, and how these principles may be applied to neck and armband situations.

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