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A Project of Scots & Scottish Clans in New Scotland (Nova Scotia), and reaching out to welcome all Scottish Clans and Clan Societies within Nova Scotia, this web site was instigated at a general meeting of Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia in Pictou (renowned as The Birthplace of New Scotland) in October 1994. It is administered by The Clan MacKay Society of New Scotland, as one of its contributions to the 1995 International Gathering of the Clans held in Nova Scotia July 1 - 23, 1995.

This web site is specifically for Scots in New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

There are many clan sites in Scotland, our homeland. There are a number in the USA; and one in Canada with predominantly American content. We live and operate in New Scotland (Nova Scotia). This web site is for us.

It includes, and is open to, all clans in New Scotland (Nova Scotia).

Nova Scotia has more internet users per capita than any other part of North America, perhaps even in the world, according to Hon. Robert (Robbie) Harrison, Minister responsible for Economic Renewal Agency. Scots are leaders wherever they live. It is not unusual that the Scots in New Scotland (Nova Scotia) take a leading role with their presence on the internet.

Glen Matheson, renowned genealogist/seanachaidh for Colchester and Pictou Counties, the Highland Scottish settlements in Nova Scotia, tells us: "The Maritimes served as an `orientation' to the New World as many emigrants' offspring moved on to the rest of the continent. To access their roots in Scotland, many must first research through Nova Scotia. The internet has certainly made Nova Scotia more accessible to researchers."

This site is maintained on Chebucto Community Net (CCN) on the Dalhousie University Campus (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada), as part of CCN's mandate to make information available to the public.

Participating clans express appreciation to CCN for this opportunity to share information, activities and concerns with others in New Scotland (Nova Scotia), and reach beyond our sea swept physical borders to fellow Scots and our friends throughout the world.

The FSCNS acronym found in our URL denotes "Friendly Scottish Clans in New Scotland". Any similarity to the acronym of a society or organization operating within or without Nova Scotia is purely coincidental.

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