In addition to architecture, I like to photograph the various memorial and biographical plaques and monuments that I encounter during my travels across Canada. Note that this collection does not include cemetery markers. A few of these images have been digitally modified to increase their legibility.

Some of these individuals are very prominent, National figures, while others are rather much more local in interest or reputation. The amount of biographical information available varies widely. Coverage is particularly thorough for Alberta, New Brunswick, and some parts of Nova Scotia. This collection will be updated irregularly as I travel and photograph new plaques and monuments for my collection.

Please note that I am NOT actively researching any of these individuals or families, and so I am unable to do look-ups or provide any additional information on the persons listed here.

Name Location Comments
Adams, Frank Dawson Montreal, Quebec
Adams, Glenn Sackville, New Brunswick
Akins, Thomas Beamish Halifax, Nova Scotia
Allan, Hugh Winnipeg, Manitoba
Allen, Bernal South Portland, Maine
Allen, Thomas Carleton Frederiction, New Brunswick Christ Church Cathedral
Allward, Walter Seymour Toronto, Ontario
Anderson, J. C. Calgary, Alberta
Ashburner, John and Janet Calgary, Alberta
Bakstad, Helmer Medicine Hat, Alberta
Balcom, Samuel Halifax, Nova Scotia
Banting, Frederick Toronto, Ontario
Bedell, Paul Saint John, New Brunswick
Beevers, Frank Edmonton, Alberta
Bennett, R. B. Calgary, Alberta b. New Brunswick
Bishop, Elizabeth Great Village, Nova Scotia
Blakely, Tom Calgary, Alberta
Blanchet, Andre & Claudia Moncton, New Brunswick
Bourgeois, Jacob Nappan, Nova Scotia
Bowlen, John J. Calgary, Alberta b. Prince Edward Island
Brant, Joseph Ottawa, Ontario a.k.a. Thayendanegea
Brock, Isaac Ottawa, Ontario
Broder, ____ Lethbridge, Alberta His first name is not given.
Burke, Edmund Halifax, Nova Scotia
Burns, Patrick Calgary, Alberta
Butler, John Ottawa, Ontario
Caine Family Edmonton, Alberta
Cameron, George F. New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Campbell, Dorothy Medicine Hat, Alberta
Campbell, Hugh Salisbury, New Brunwick
Campbell, William Toronto, Ontario Former Nova Scotia MLA
Carr, Emily Victoria, British Columbia
Cartier, George Banff, Alberta
Chandler, Edward Amherst, Nova Scotia
Cohos, Martin Calgary, Alberta
Colborne, Robert B. Calgary, Alberta
Coles, George Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Collins, Francis Toronto, Ontario
Colpitts, Fred Salisbury, New Brunswick
Colville, David Alexander "Alex" Sackville, New Brunswick
Comeau, Ernest J. Gateway Village, Prince Edward Island res. Meteghan, Nova Scotia
Connors, Johanna Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Copely, John Singleton Calgary, Alberta a.k.a Baron Lyndhurst
Cousins, William Medicine Hat, Alberta
Crabbe, Thomas and George Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Cumberland, Frederic W. Toronto, Ontario
Currie, Arthur Ottawa, Ontario Served WW I
Davidson, William Miramichi, New Brunwsick
Davies, Louis Henry Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
de Jong, Klaas Winnipeg, Manitoba
De La Bodega Y Quadra, Juan Francisco Victoria, British Columbia
de Salaberry, Charles-Michael d'Irumberry Ottawa, Ontario
Delano, Charles and Willard Miramichi, New Brunwsick
Dewar, Marion Ottawa, Ontario
d'Iberville, Pierre Le Moyne Ottawa, Ontario
Dickey, Robert Amherst, Nova Scotia
Dickins, Clennell "Punch" Calgary, Alberta
Donald, William Calgary, Alberta
Doty, Lon and Nancy Banff, Alberta
Douglas, Howard Frederiction, New Brunswick
Dube, Fernand G. Campbelton, New Brunswick
Dunn, James Hamet Frederiction, New Brunswick
Dupont, Francis Toronto, Ontario St. Stephen's Church (Anglican)
Eaton, Timothy Toronto, Ontario
Ellis, Frank H. Calgary, Alberta
Ellis, Haddon Calgary, Alberta Served WW I
Ewasiuk, Ed Edmonton, Alberta
Fancy, Alex Sackville, New Brunswick b. Nova Scotia
Finney, Tom Toronto, Ontario
Fisher, Charles Frederiction, New Brunswick
Frank, Clara Medicine Hat, Alberta
Frizzell, Elvera Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Galbraith, Francis W. Red Deer, Alberta
Gaetz, Leonard Red Deer, Alberta b. Nova Scotia
Gale, Annie Calgary, Alberta
Geddes, Harold Sackville, New Brunswick
Genik, Cyril Winnipeg, Manitoba Plaque #2
Gibson, David Calgary, Alberta
Gibson, John Truro, Nova Scotia
Gorman, Charles Saint John, New Brunswick
Grassi, Lawrence Banff, Alberta
Gray, Hampton Ottawa, Ontario
Gray, John Hamilton Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Green, Joseph Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Gregory, Albert James Frederiction, New Brunswick Christ Church Cathedral
Hamlin, Hannibal Bangor, Maine
Hanomansing, Ian Sackville, New Brunswick
Hardwick, E. Douglas Calgary, Alberta Southern Alberta Pioneers
Harper, Henry Albert Ottawa, Ontario
Harris, Lawren Stewart Vancouver, British Columbia
Haviland, Thomas Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Hayes, John Moncton, New Brunswick
Henderson, Merrill Moncton, New Brunswick b. Prince Edward Island
Henry, William Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hill, Frederick W. Calgary, Alberta Christ Church (Anglican)
Hitschmanova, Lotta Ottawa, Ontario
Hole, Lois Edmonton, Alberta
Holman, James L. Summerside, Prince Edward Island b. New Brunswick
Hotchkiss, Harley Calgary, Alberta
Hoyt, Sandy Truro, Nova Scotia
Hulbert, Russell Edmonton, Alberta b. Nova Scotia
Hunter, John Calgary, Alberta a.k.a. Sitting Eagle
Jardine, David Sackville, New Brunswick St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
Jennings, Claude Toronto, Ontario St. Stephen's Church (Anglican)
Jesse, Jacob and Mary Medicine Hat, Alberta
Johansen, K. V. Sackville, New Brunswick
Jones, Dennis Moncton, New Brunswick
Jones, George Moncton, New Brunswick
Kaeble, Joseph Ottawa, Ontario Served WW I
Karsh, Yousuf Ottawa, Ontario
Keating, Henry Halifax, Nova Scotia
Keddy, Malcolm Truro, Nova Scotia res. New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Kelly, Cereno Jones Victoria, British Columbia b. Nova Scotia
Kerr, Isaac Calgary, Alberta
Lavigne, Paul & Leo Moncton, New Brunswick
Lefurgey, John Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Legere, Ray Sackville, New Brunswick b. Nova Scotia
Legge, Laura Louise Toronto, Ontario Osgoode Hall
Lepine, Ambroise-Didyme Winnipeg, Manitoba
Lewis, Victor Salisbury, New Brunswick
Libin, Alvin Calgary, Alberta Foothills Hospital
Lindsay, Neville Calgary, Alberta
Link, Janet Medicine Hat, Alberta
Lockhart, Grace Annie Sackville, New Brunswick
Lochhead, Douglas Sackville, New Brunswick
Long, Edward D. Gateway Village, Prince Edward Island res. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Lougheed, Belle Calgary, Alberta
Lougheed, Donald D. Calgary, Alberta Christ Church (Anglican)
Lougheed, James A. Calgary, Alberta
Lucano, Augustino Calgary, Alberta b. South Sudan
Lust, Jim Medicine Hat, Alberta
Lynch, Charles Ottawa, Ontario formerly res. Saint John, New Brunswick
MacDonald, Andrew Archibald Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
MacDonald, John A. Toronto, Ontario
MacEachern, Angus Bernard Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
MacEwan, Grant Calgary, Alberta
MacGregor, James D. New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
MacIntyre, Sharon Sackville, New Brunswick
MacIntyre, Wilbert Edmonton, Alberta
MacMillan, Ernest Toronto, Ontario
Maillard, Pierre Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mair, Alex Edmonton, Alberta
Mann, Keith Red Deer, Alberta
Martin, Catherine Saint John, New Brunswick
Masson, Henri Ottawa, Ontario
Matthews Family O'Leary, Prince Edwad Island
Maynard, David S. Seattle, Washington
McCall, Fred Calgary, Alberta
McConachie, Grant Calgary, Alberta
McCord, David Ross Montreal, Quebec
McCrandell, William Banff, Alberta
McCully, Jonathan Amherst, Nova Scotia
McDougall, John Edmonton, Alberta
McEwan, Lavinia Summerside, Prince Edward Island
McGee, Thomas D'Arcy Ottawa, Ontario
McGill, James Montreal, Quebec
McKenna, Rob Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
McQueen, David G. Edmonton, Alberta First Presbyterian Church
McShane, Hugh Calgary, Alberta
McVeigh, Patrick Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Menten, Maud Toronto, Ontario
Mitchell, Peter Miramichi, New Brunwsick
Mitchell, W. O. Calgary, Alberta
Morales Y Pavon, Jose Maria Calgary, Alberta
Montgomery, Lucy Maude Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
Motyer, Arthur John Sackville, New Brunswick
Munro, Alexander Calgary, Alberta
Murdoch, Beamish Halifax, Nova Scotia
Murdoch, George Calgary, Alberta formerly res. Saint John, New Brunswick
Mynarski, Andrew Ottawa, Ontario
Naiker, Murgappa Calgary, Alberta
Nicholson, Lorne Truro, Nova Scotia Glengarry Hotel
Nixon, William L. Edmonton, Alberta
Newberry, Arthur Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
O'Conor, Ailish Edmonton, Alberta
O'Keefe, Eugene Toronto, Ontario
Odell, Jonathan Frederiction, New Brunswick
Oland, Sidney C. Halifax, Nova Scotia
Olrenshaw, R. Austin Calgary, Alberta
Osgoode, William B. Ottawa, Ontario
Palmer, Edward Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Papineau, Joseph Montreal, Quebec
Papworth, Frank Calgary, Alberta Christ Church (Anglican)
Papworth, Mary E. Calgary, Alberta
Pattison, John G. Calgary, Alberta Served WW I
Peterson, Oscar Ottawa, Ontario
Petropolus, Johnny D. Calgary, Alberta
Pope, Georgina Fane Summerside, Prince Edward Island Plaque #2 (Ottawa, Ontario)
Pope, William Henry Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Porter, Clinton S. Truro, Nova Scotia
Porter, Lori Truro, Nova Scotia
Porter, Walter R. Gateway Village, Prince Edward Island res. Amherst, Nova Scotia
Prette, John Calgary, Alberta
Price, Evelyn Medicine Hat, Alberta
Prittie, Bud Moncton, New Brunswick
Purcell, Jack Ottawa, Ontario
Randall, Robert Medicine Hat, Alberta
Reilly, Molly Calgary, Alberta
Reynolds, Matthew Bangor, Maine
Riley, Maude Calgary, Alberta
Rintoul, Evelyn Vera Calgary, Alberta Southern Alberta Pioneers
Roberts, Charles George Douglas Sackville, New Brunswick
Robichaud, Edgar "Rob" Moncton, New Brunswick
Robinson, Eleanor Saint John, New Brunswick
Rockwell, George Truro, Nova Scotia
Rogers, Edward S. "Ted" Toronto, Ontario
Rogers, John Ottawa, Ontario
Romsa, Shaun Truro, Nova Scotia
Rouleau Brothers Calgary, Alberta
Rowand, John Edmonton, Alberta
Rowe-MacLeod, Krista Moncton, New Brunswick
Rundle, Robert T. Banff, Alberta
Ryder, George St. Stephen, New Brunswick
Schlenker, Boyd Medicine Hat, Alberta
Secord, Laura Ottawa, Ontario
Shoctor, Joseph Edmonton, Alberta
Short, James Calgary, Alberta
Simmons, Arthur Calgary, Alberta
Simpson, Isabel Springhill, Nova Scotia
Sitting Eagle Calgary, Alberta a.k.a. John Hunter
Smith, Arthur Ryan Calgary, Alberta
Smith, Donald Alexander Edmonton, Alberta
Smith, Joyce Truro, Nova Scotia
Snell, Charles Henry Red Deer, Alberta
Sousa, Carlous Manuel Toronto, Ontario Osgoode Hall
Southeron, Robert Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Spzecht, Andrew W. Calgary, Alberta Christ Church (Anglican)
Stephen, George Montreal, Quebec
Stoddard, Bev Truro, Nova Scotia
Stowe, Emily Toronto, Ontario
Tanner, E. Harold Calgary, Alberta Christ Church (Anglican)
Tanner, Mary Dodds Calgary, Alberta Christ Church (Anglican)
Tanner, Patricia J. Calgary, Alberta Christ Church (Anglican)
Taylor, Claude I. Salisbury, New Brunswick
Thayendanegea Ottawa, Ontario a.k.a. Joseph Brant
Thomas, John Wallace Ottawa, Ontario
Thomson, Sandra Edmonton, Alberta
Thornton, Henry Halifax, Nova Scotia

The very same plaque can be seen in Union Station, Winnipeg.

Thurber, Samuel Truro, Nova Scotia
Tilley, Samuel Gagetown, New Brunswick
Tingley, Kent Saint John, New Brunswick Saint John Regional Hospital
Townsend, Patricia Moncton, New Brunswick
Tregillus, W. J. Calgary, Alberta
Triquet, Paul Ottawa, Ontario
Tupper, Charles Amherst, Nova Scotia
Turnbull, Wallace R. Saint John, New Brunswick
Walz, Ted Banff, Alberta
Whelan, Edward Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Whelpley, Charles Frederiction, New Brunswick Christ Church Cathedral
Whelpley, Frank Frederiction, New Brunswick Christ Church Cathedral
Whitman, Peter G. Truro, Nova Scotia
Widmer, Henry Medicine Hat, Alberta
Wilmot, Lelmuel Frederiction, New Brunswick
Wilson, Stacy Salisbury, New Brunswick
Wood, Fredrick William Edmonton, Alberta
Woolliams, Eldon Calgary, Alberta
Wright, John Joseph Toronto, Ontario
Yeomans, Amelia Winnipeg, Manitoba
Young, John Fredrick Saint John, New Brunswick
Zanichkowski, Georgette Medicine Hat, Alberta

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