TI Pro. Stuff:

This page is a temporary fast set of links to other TI Professional-related stuff until I can organise this better.


The TI bus vs the IBM bus, HTML table version.

The TI bus vs the IBM bus, plain text version.

BIOS interrupts on the TI Pro (and a couple of MS-DOS interrupts with TI-related notes).

MS-DOS 2.13, Undocumented CONFIG parameters:

May also apply to other MS-DOS versions.

"{a|b}" means select one of 'a' or 'b'.

No floppy drives (hard drive only):


Only one drive (1 or ON) or more than one (0 or OFF):

        CONFIG SINGLE={1|0|ON|OFF}

Specifications for drive d: (where 'd' is one of A, B, C, or D)
'1' = single-sided, 2 = double-sided, 40 = 40-tracks, 80 = 80 tracks;
the ':' after the drive letter is optional and the sides and tracks can be in either order (but both must be specified):

        CONFIG d:={1|2},{40|80}


The file with my "Super Echo" command includes a version for the TI Professional.

I have patched TED -- the Tiny EDitor from PC Magazine -- to add some more features and to create a version to run on the TI Pro. Almost all you ever really need for editing in only about 3000 bytes. Both the IBM version (NTED.COM, 3237 bytes) and the Texas Instruments Professional version (TTED.COM, 3151 bytes) are available for download in the single zipped package, nted.zip.

I have patched PC Magazine's most famous trio of utilities, DR, RN, and CO (renamed to TDR, TRN, and TCO) to work on the TI Pro. You can download all three in one package, TI-Trio.zip.