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Atari 400/800/XL/XE Miscellaneous Software & Utilities
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Atari 400/800/XL/XE Miscellaneous Software & Utilities

Col80 v1.5 by Itay Chamiel
Col80 is an 80 column file reader. The program will ask for a filename and, upon the user entering it, it will read it and output it to the screen in an 80x25 improvised text mode (graphics mode 8). Use a dearc'er to open.
MyDOS File Selector v0.4
The File Selector is a menu-driven program/directory navigator. Use keyboard and/or joystick to select programs, Atari, ASCII and Unix text files (built-in reader) and subdirectories. It should support APE PC Mirror mode. Configuration files for directories let you change the screen title, font and colors, filter the file listing (by extension), and have the listing sorted (by name or extension, ascending or descending). Use a dearc'er to open.
MyDOS 4.53 (Operating System)
MyDOS 4.53/4 Single Density bootable disk image containing: DOS.SYS - MyDOS 4.53/4 Disk Operating System (boot file) and DUP.SYS - MyDOS 4.53/4 Disk Utilities Package (standard DOS menu). This is one of the best operating systems for the 8-bit Ataris and is the easiest to use with AtariDSK for transferring files to and from a PC. Archived here as a self booting .DCM file.
TOMS Copier v2.0
TOMS Copier is a quick disk copier and is the backup machine for your Atari 8-bit. Features include: expanded RAM use (XE-compatible only), support of following densities: 90kb SD SS, 130kb MD SS, 180kb DD SS, 360kb DD DS, 720kb DD DS 80 tracks, 180kb ID SS, 360kb ID DS and 720kb ID DS 80 tracks (ID is for IBM density - 512 bytes per sector), a built-in DOSCOPY option, allowing the copying of only sectors marked in VTOC as used (works also with MyDOS giant VTOCs), Retry/Skip/Abort on read-write errors (useful when coping old or protected disks). Use a dearc'er to open. Textfile (with copyright) must be downloaded with file.


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