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Name: Jerry+Cindy Gulley (Homepage)
Country: USA
Date: Sat Feb 6 20:06:43 2010
Comment: Very much enjoy your music...hope to see you again. Jan 2010

Name: Glenn Thorbahn
Date: Mon Jan 4 14:42:01 2010
Comment: Hey Bruce!
nice site.... put the beer in the fridge, Im stopping in someday soon

Name: Heather (Homepage)
Country: Canada
Date: Fri Dec 25 18:04:17 2009
Comment: Looks great Bruce. I'm jealous of your studio. ;) All those names,music and faces sure bring back great memories. Cheers!

Name: Dave Ervin
Country: Cape Breton
Date: Sat Dec 12 08:03:17 2009
Comment: I don't see many of the old music crowd any more though many of them visited my kitchen when I lived next door to the Royal Hotel in Sydney. I saw a few at the Rick Jeffery 13 Vultures release at Bearleys in late August. I hope that you are doing well - Keep on Rockin'

Name: Michael Sr.
Country: Canada
Date: Tue Oct 27 08:59:21 2009
Comment: To Bruce<
In regards to this letter and or memorandum posting,Please be advised that the information,musical knowledge as well teaching's and time you gave me at a very young age was always used wisely and with this I still feel you were the best musician,arranger,producer,writer,harmony arranger,and guitarist to come out of Our Maritime Provinces east of Toronto.Bruce you are a very well known Legend and Legacy and will aswys be to anyone that has ever had the honor and privilage to kno

Name: Deborah Sharp
Country: USA
Date: Tue Oct 13 20:53:11 2009
Comment: Your music by "Everyday People" was very important to me. When I moved to New York in 1973. I took my albums with me. I started hanging out at the Blue Note in the village and became friends with one of the DJs. I wanted to hear I Like What I Like on the club's new sound system. My friend played it in between sets on a Friday night. People went crazy! It was a great feeling a feeling I will never forget.

Name: Tracy (Homepage)
Country: Canada
Date: Thu Oct 8 17:24:21 2009
Comment: Awesome job. Thank you for sharing your site. Keep at it. Fantastic layout.Please feel free to visit us and pass us along every little bit helps. Have a great day.
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Name: kim Losier
Country: Canada
Date: Tue Aug 11 01:54:58 2009
Comment: Hi Bruce

OMG where do the years go? Great site.Great talent. A pocketful of memories.

Name: Al Hollett
Country: Canada
Date: Mon Jun 1 14:31:32 2009

Name: bill miller (Homepage)
Country: ontario canada
Date: Thu Mar 12 22:28:17 2009
Comment: hi bruce im a friend of chris papputts he has told me about you guys & how much you guys had fun playing together he has worked with me in the studio on projects he speaks of you all the time he still plays well but not enough if we go on tour out there i would like to meet you & pam marsh & see your studio i own one to its 1200 sq feet of fun hope all is well bill miller

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