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Years of Celebration...

In 1985, a three day showcase of multiculturalism was planned to take place in the Technical University's gymnasium in Halifax. Organizers, however, had no idea the event would grow to become one of Nova Scotia's premiere festivals. Today, over 15 years later, Celebration has expanded greatly to accommodate the many thousands of people who annually flock to the Dartmouth Waterfront to enjoy the festival.

This rapid expansion has meant more than the obvious growth in size of the festival. MANS Executive Director, Barbara Campbell, explains: "Nova Scotians are proving their interest in other cultures more and more each year as Celebration attendance levels rise. People are curious and eager to learn about the many groups with whom they share this province." The small, albeit enthusiastic, crowd of just 2300 at the first festival has since grown to top 43,000 in 2001.

Over the years, each festival has been as individual and unique as the ethnocultural groups taking part in it. Some years a parade winds proudly through the streets to the festival site heralding the event's opening; while other years traditional folkdance lessons and festive street dances into the wee hours have been highlights. Constant, however, has been the eclectic array of foods, costumes, exhibits and entertainment which keeps the crowds returning....and growing.


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