Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia

Award of Excellence

The award of excellence is presented to the cultural group with the best all around presentation in both the Food and Exhibit tent as judged by an independent panel of three judges. Some of the things looked at for both displays but not limited too are:

  • Front Structure: attractiveness, culturally relevent
  • Tables: tablecloth, attractiveness, decoration
  • Backdrop: decoration, colour, cultural relevence
  • Overall Atmosphere/Appearance: music, organization
The law firm of Boyne Clarke recognizes the time and effort put into these presentations, As such, Boyne Clarke will commit to an annual cash award of $500 to the winning Cultural Group.

The Nova Scotia Multicultural Festival will continue to provide free access to and Exhibit booth when registering for a Food booth. We hope that with an incentive such as this, we will see more groups desiring to participate in both areas.

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