Square and Round Dance Federation
of Nova Scotia


An Overview of Our Federation

Our Federation (SRDFNS) is made up of all modern square and round dance clubs in Nova Scotia who wish to join. It is the Provincial level of the tier of Square and Round Dance organizations. Thus it acts as the umbrella agency for the clubs and the regional associations within Nova Scotia and in turn funnels information and services to and from Nova Scotia to the Canadian Square and Round Dance Society.

Its main purposes are to facilitate provincial communication between clubs and dancers by publishing the Calendar of Events, Between Tips, and Tourist Brochure information; to organize provincial dances; to oversee the biennial Summer Festival; to collect funds and administer the membership roster for the National Society; and to attempt to assist clubs to find solutions to problems and thus better the activity for all.

The Federation business is run by an Executive comprising representative couples from each region (see below), plus couples with specific tasks such as President or Publications Officer. The main source of funds is the interest earned on the investment of the profits from the 3rd, 9th, and 17th Canadian National Conventions held in Halifax in 1982, 1994, and 2010, respectively. Yearly club dues provide an additional source of income covering the costs of printing and mailing the monthly publications.

Our Province of Nova Scotia is divided by the Provincial Government into six regions for recreational purposes. Each of these regions has representation on the Executive of the Federation. These regions are:

Region NameDescription of Region by Counties
Fundy RegionCumberland, Colchester, and Hants East
Valley RegionAnnapolis, Kings, Digby, and Hants West
South Shore RegionYarmouth, Shelburne, Queens, and Lunenburg
Central RegionHalifax
Highland RegionPictou, Antigonish, and Guysborough
Cape Breton RegionRichmond, Inverness, Victoria, and Cape Breton



The Square and Round Dance Federation of Nova Scotia was first registered as a society on 12 February 1968. At that time it was called Modern Square Dance Association of Nova Scotia.

The Memorandum of Association was as follows:

  1. Name of the Society is Modern Square Dance Association of NS.
  2. The object of the society is organizing of square dancing.
  3. The activities of the society are to be carried on in NS.
  4. The registered office of the society is Nictaux, Annapolis County, NS.

We, the several persons whose names, addresses and occupations are subscribed, desire to be formed into a society in pursuance of this memorandum of association.

Witness to the above signatures: A E Eisenhauer of Greenwood in the County of Kings.

Several name changes followed the original Certificate of Incorporation dated 12 Feb 1968. They were as follows:

  1. SQUARE DANCE AND ROUND DANCE ASSOCIATION OF NOVA SCOTIA - name change to take effect 2 July 1975.
  2. SQUARE DANCE AND ROUND DANCE FEDERATION OF NOVA SCOTIA - name change to take effect 20 Dec 1978.
  3. SQUARE AND ROUND DANCE FEDERATION OF NOVA SCOTIA - name change to take effect 14 Dec 1982.

The original Certificate of Incorporation with gold seal from the Registrar General's office, was missing for several years. In the official Federation files there was only a photocopy of the certificate. These files have been passed on from executive to executive over the years but some information has either been lost or was never saved. In 1993, during a review of the by-laws, some research was done into the origins of the Federation. Harold and Clara Redden obtained the names of some past presidents through phone calls since a lot of the early minutes are not in the official files.

In October of 1996, shortly after the Annual General Meeting, the original Certificate of Incorporation turned up. It was returned to us by Barbara Weagle, a dancer with the Fundy Squares. She and her husband had danced years earlier with the Heart of the Valley Twirlers in Nictaux in the same hall that the Fundy Dancers used in 1997. She said that when the club broke up, around 1971, the various pieces of memorabilia were divided up among the dancers, and she and her husband received the Certificate, which had been framed and hung on the wall. This hall, which was built by squre dancers, is presently (1997) owned by the Lions Club. She had carefully stored the framed certificate in a closet all these years, not really knowing what it was.

Thanks to Barbara, a little bit of ou0r Nova Scotia square dance heritage has been returned to the rightful owners.

The following is a list of the known presidents of the Federation and the dates of their terms.

Paul & Dot Loeb 1969 - 1971?
Frank & Ann Polkinhorn 1971 - 1973?
Marshall Fleet1972 or 73 - 1976
Lew & Terry Melanson, Amherst1976 - 1979
Alex Ritchie, Dartmouth1979 - 1981
Ron & Lillian Trites, Dartmouth1981 - 1983
Gary & Dottie Welch, Porters Lake1983 - 1985
Tom & Betty Dodge, Dartmouth1985 - 1987
Harold & Clara Redden, Cambridge1987 - 1989
Bill & Charlotte Potter, Liverpool1989 - 1990
Harold & Clara Redden, Cambridge1990 - 1991
Ken & Dolores Fox, Musquodoboit1991 - 1993
Ralph & Barbara MacDonald, Lochaber1993 - 1995
Neil & Jacinta Thibideau, Yarmouth1995 - 1997
Ken & Dolores Fox, Musquodoboit1997 - 1998
Ron & Lynn Estabrooks, Amherst1998 - 2000
Bob & Inge Ruohoniemi, Ellershouse2000 - 2003
Ron & Dot Connell, Dartmouth2003 - 2004
Wayne & Dianne Burns, Mt. Uniacke2004 - 2006
Ralph & Valerie Brown, Bridgewater2006 - 2008
Ralph & Barb MacDonald, Goshen2008 - 2012
Paul & Cathy Langille, Labelle2012 -