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A Brief History


The Women's Theatre and Creativity Centre was founded in 1995. Since then we have offered over 60 workshops, ranging from one day to twelve week programs. We have developed and produced plays including Home at Last, a play about the British Canadian war Bride Experience, Bitter Rose, by playwright Catherine Banks, Weaving Strands, a performance piece created by workshop participants that celebrated woman's stories, and a Prisma of Secret Colours, a forum theatre piece that was invited to be performed at the International Festival of Theatre of the Oppressed in 1997.

We have workshopped new plays in development, organized art and performance events and gatherings, and facilitated projects with a number of community organizations including the Black Women's Health Project and Metro housing Authority, who commissioned us to develop a play for a Seniors' Peer Assertiveness program in low-cost housing developments. Ladies Briefs, our anthology of women's writing, was published in 2000.

Letter from the Director:

In the early years of the Women’s Theatre and Creativity Centre our focus was mainly on offering workshops and ongoing developmental programs with as much variety in the form of creative expression as possible. As the organization matured, we realized that it was not possible to meet everybody’s needs at all times unless we wanted to drive ourselves into a place of burn-out. Since then, we have become more project focused. Projects are initiated either from within the organization, or, often, someone from outside the Women’s Theatre and Creativity Centre approaches us with a script, an idea, a project, a need – something they want to see happen! We’re a small organization with no ongoing funding or staff – but our mandate is about connecting women with their creativity in the context of community, and, if we get excited about your idea then we want to help you make it happen. We are also able to provide programming, workshops or to create performances for your organization or event. So feel free to contact us at and we can explore together how to make your vision a reality. Tessa Mendel
Director, Women’s Theatre and Creativity Centre
2473 Agricola Street
Halifax B3K 4C3.

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