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Tessa Mendel has worked throughout much of Canada and internationally (Ethiopia, Jamaica) as a popular theatre facilitator, theatre director and educator who focuses on using the creative arts for transformational learning. She has taught courses on popular theatre theory and practice, collective creation, and developmental drama for Theatre Programs at Memorial University, Newfoundland and Acadia, Dalhousie and Mount Saint Vincent Universities in Nova Scotia. Tessa was the founding director of a company that worked with youth to create plays about their issues in Toronto’s public housing communities. In 1995 Tessa founded the Women’s Theatre and Creativity Centre of Nova Scotia. with a mandate of connecting women and community, creativity and social change. Tessa Mendel has directed over 25 productions at theatres and universities throughout Canada.



Bitter Rose had be invited to be performed at the Sasvrati Fem Festival in Winnipeg in the fall of 2006

Work on the Motherhood Project continues

The Women’s Theatre and Creativity Centre provided creativity workshops for a women’s reemployment program, called the Indigo Project, in Spryfield Nova Scotia in the spring of 2006.


What We Do


* Provide workshops on creative practices such as popular theatre, visual art practices, writing, and personal creative expression.
* Partner with community organizations on projects using theatre to explore issues.
* Develop and produce playsand performance pieces that are women-centered and may include material from the workshop process.
* Publish written material or books.
* Organize special events such as art and performance events.
* Provide individual sessions for women to develop personal creativity and encourage personal growth.
* Develop connections between theatre and other forms of artistic expression.

Our Objectives

* To do theatre with, about, by and for women: women-centered theatre.
* To develop a supportive, inclusive context for women's creative work.
* To use creativity as a tool for transformation, healing and growth.
* To engage in activities that are connected to profound personal, social and spiritual themes and issues.
* To develop each individual's ability to use creativity for exploration, empowerment and expression.
* To build a community of women working towards positive personal and social change.
* To enjoy and celebrate our creativity and the creation of innovative art and performance.


Major Productions

1996 ~ Weaving Strands

1996 ~ Home at Last

1997 ~ Prism of Secret Colours

2000 ~ Bitter Rose

2002 ~ Bitter Rose filmed for television

2005 ~ In Mother Words
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