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The Atlantic Science Curriculum Project is a science education initiative based in Canada's Atlantic Provinces. Beginning grassroots teacher-inspired in 1976, ASCP has developed the SciencePlus junior high/middle school textbook series, held regional and international science education institutes and maintains the SciencePlus Teachers Network as an ongoing activity to link teachers with teachers for the improvement of science teaching in North America.

  • Learn more about ASCPI

  • The SciencePlus Teachers Network (SPTN)

  • Join this forum of junior high and middle school science teachers and educators in the SPTN Mailing List to discuss issues and ideas.

  • Find out more about the SciencePlus authors and the units they wrote. You can also contact them with questions.

  • Check here for a complete list of SciencePlus editions.

  • SPTN publishes an electronic and print newsletter called INTERACTIONS.

  • Here is a selection of other Science Education Links.

  • ASCP/SPTN host conferences and Institutes, publishes scholarly articles and related science education resources. Watch for updates in What's New?

  • Help keep ASCP a grassroots curriculum project, we want Your Input and to exchange views about science teaching.

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