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[Photo: Working on the Chebucto webcam.]  Since July 2000, Chebucto Community Net has run an internet webcam from the roof of Fenwick Place. Here is the story of what it is like to work on the highest point in Halifax and what it takes to keep an outdoors webcam running.
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[Photo: Police and protesters.]  Controversial U.S. President George W. Bush visited Halifax December 2004. Peaceful protests were organized by the Halifax Peace Coalition and some 5,000 people from all walks of life turned out on a grey weekday morning.
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[Photo: Point Pleasant Park damage .]  The damage to Point Pleasant Park from Hurricane Juan in September 2003 has resulted in the park being closed indefinitely to the public. For two days in October 2003, the public was allowed in to see the destruction for themselves.
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[Photo: Camera crews at work .]  The Chase Building, home to Chebucto Community Net, was used as a location for the TV movie Phase IV including a stunt fall from the roof. May 2001.
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Chebucto at Word On The Street:

[Photo: WOTS 2004] Word On The Street 2004
featuring HR C@P, and the Chebucto Community Net 10th Birthday.
[Photo: WOTS 2003] Word On The Street 2003
Six hours later, Hurricane Juan hit and most people had no power for days.
[Photo: WOTS 2002] Word On The Street 2002
45,000 people came to Pier 20.
[Photo: WOTS 2001] Word On The Street 2001
The first year indoors at Pier 20.
[Photo: WOTS 2000] Word On The Street 2000
We kept computers and Internet running while ankle deep in running water. Videos.
[Photo: WOTS 1999] Word On The Street 1999
A big tent, beautiful weather and Chebucto's 5th Birthday.



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