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Windows 3.1 Miscellaneous Software & Utilities
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Windows 3.1 Miscellaneous Software & Utilities

McAfee Virus Software
Windows version of this popular Virus checker scans and cleans. Data files are updated on a regular basis and users should make a regular pilgrimage to get the most current version of the data files.
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  • 307,270 .DAT files, June 1996

    This data file is usable by: WebScan (the antivirus helper app), NetShield (for Novell or NT), VShield, and VirusScan for DOS, OS/2, or Windows (3.x, 95, or NT)

    The Windows Virsusscan programs are usually named "". Check the directory listing above for the specific file(s). The June 96 version required 2 files if you wanted both the program and the virus data files...

    VirusScan for Windows 3.1, version 2.5.0 with (9606) .DAT file, - 2 disks: and

Replacement for the standard Windows communications driver. Improved support for the 16550 UART chip under Windows. Improves communications performance in Windows, especially on slower PC's. Can cause problems with some FAX modems. Freeware.

A set of system utilities to enable Windows 3.1 users to run most 32 bit apps. The Installation Guide warns that you should remove previous win32 files or rename the directory to get a full install.

The Desktop Internet Reference
The Desktop Internet Reference is a hypertext reference to the Internet, in a windows help file format (.HLP). It's a public domain publication, and its eighteen thousand pages cover topics like: What is the Internet? How does it work? How can I get connected to the Internet? What resources are available? How can I find things? How do I use these resources? Where can I find more about these topics?

Freeware uudecoder and encoder for windows. Supports mulit-part files, and adjustable encoded file sizes. Automatically skips mail and news headers for fast, clean decoding.
See the Dos/Misc section of the Public Download Area for BinHex1.3 to convert Macintosh type files.


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