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  Friday March 16      Saturday March 17     Sunday March 18      
1  Concordia  62
  1:00  G1   Saint Mary's
 Saint Mary's  63
        5:30  G7   Brandon  49
4  Brandon  81  
  3:00 G2   Brandon  79
5  Windsor  64
        4:30 TSN  G10   Carleton Ravens
2  UBC  85
  2007 CIS
  6:00 G3   Ottawa .58     Champions
7 wc
 Ottawa  92
        8:30  TSN G8   Carleton
3  Carleton  86
  8:00  G4   Carleton  80
6    Acadia  38
   L1 Concordia  79
11:30  G5   Concordia
 L2 Windsor  63
      1:30  G9   Concordia
 83       Consolation
1:30 G6   UBC  92
 L4 Acadia

  Friday March 16      Saturday March 17     Sunday March 18  
  Attend: 11,423     Attend: 9,357     Attend:  5,064
Total:  25,844  

Final Eight TEAM SHOOTS at Metro Centre (tentative) 
(I hour ) 
(normal morning sched) 

9:00 - 
10:00 - 
11:00 - 
12:00 - 
1:00 - 
2:00 - 
3:00 - 
4:00 - 






F8 Rosters

Playoff Format

The 4 major conference champions are automatically invited to the Final Eight.Three additional berths are awarded. The Final 8 tournament host conference is awarded a second entry. The 14-team Canada West conference receives 2 berths. The 16-team OUA conference receives two, one for each of OUA East and one for OUA West. In addition, one Wild-Card is selected as an 8th berth.  Each conference decides its winner(s) in its own way, often based on tradition and the geography of the conference. 

The Atlantic conference in 1999 returned to a 6-team single knockout tournament, as usual held at Halifax Metro Centre. Teams seeded 3 thru 6 meet in a pair of Thursday night quarterfinals. The winners advance to face the 1 and 3 seeds. The lower advancing quarterfinalist faces the #1 seed, while the higher advancing faces #2. The Final is held Saturday. Since AUS is the host for 2007, both of its semi winners advance to the Final8. 

Quebec's five teams have a 4-team playoff. #2 hosts #3 and #1 hosts #4 in single semi games, with the winners playing a single final game. 

Ontario's OUA West and OUA East each hold a 6-team single knockout to declare a champion. 6 plays 3 and advances to play 2, while 4 plays 5 and advances to play 1. OUA East plays its tournament over 3 days at a host school. OUA West plays its over several days, like W/S/W with the game hosted by the highest seed in each pair. 

Canada West now has two 4-team divisions and a 6-team division. Each holds its own playoff, with a best-of-3 semi hosted by 3, then the winner meeting 1 in a best-of-3 hosted by 1. The three Division winners then meet in a 2-day Final Four, joined by a wildcard team. 

CIS Final8
Tournament Pass (10 games)

.... Adult $90
.... Senior/Student  $75
.... Youth (u-12) $36

Admission for each Double Header
.... Adult $20
.... Senior/Student $16
.... Youth (u-12) $19
Ticket Orders: (902) 451-1221 

Lower Bowl halfcourt sections are 
7, 8, 9, 21, 22, 23.
Corners are 6, 10, 20, 24.
.... There isn't a bad seat in the house.
One of the corners is designated No Alcohol.
Be sure to ask about it if you like to sip a
cold one while watching the games.

Metro Centre Seating

[Metro Centre Seating ...gif 11kb]

 Here is a simple seating plan of the Metro Centre. Use it to select your preferred locations before calling in to order tickets.

 Some prefer watching basketball from the corners, like Sections 4 and 5.

 Seating Rows:
Lower Bowl: A-S
Upper Bowl: A-V

 Row V is quite high, yet still a good place to watch championship basketball in a full house.

Staying downtown?

For out-of-town fans going to Halifax, here is a little map that shows the locations of the major venues for the Tournament; the Metro Centre, and The Halifax Sheraton. It shows the location of downtown hotels near the Metro Centre. All are first-class.

(These maps are a couple of years old. Some names may have changed but the places are essentially the same. A pub or hoterl may have a new name, but odds are you'll find the same bartender there.)

[Hotel Map ...gif 11kb]

A secret to picking a good location is to study the pedways and tunnels, the coloured lines on the map. If the weather is bad, (it seldom is in Halifax) you will be mostly indoors, under cover.

 You can stay at the Prince George, and be totally indoors for the three days of the tournament, by taking the tunnel to the World Trade Centre, then escalators up to the Metro Centre.

From hotels connected through Scotia Square you can now walk directly in to the World Trade Center and Metro Centre through a new tunnel under Duke Street, opened in 1996.

The passage from WTC to the Metro Centre is through an office corridor that may be shut down after hours. If it is closed, you can easily step outside and re-enter through a nearby door to continue on your way.

Don't ask about amenities. The hotels all have their own, and the area is crammed with eating and drinking spots. Check out Argyle and Grafton Streets to begin.

Just off the Metro Centre ticket lobby is NS Sport Heritage Museum. Worth a visit to take a break from the action.