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Final Eight 98

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Canada West Conference Playoffs

Best of Three Semi-Finals

Best-of=three Semifinal 4 @ 1 
       British Columbia at Victoria          
Fri Feb 27  British Columbia 83 Victoria 82                              
Sat Feb 28  Victoria 78 British Columbia 74                              
Sun Mar 1   Victoria 78 British Columbia 62                              

                                Best of Three Final
                                   Alberta at Victoria            
                           Fri Mar 6  Victoria 75 Alberta 71                         
                           Sat Mar 7  Alberta 78 Victoria 76                        
                           Sun Mar 8  Victoria 76 Alberta 62       

                           __Victoria Vikes________
                           1997 CWUAA Champion
Best-of=three Semifinal 3 @ 2 
         Alberta at Lethbridge         
Fri Feb 27  Alberta 93 Lethbridge 89                       
Sat Feb 28  Lethbridge 76 Alberta 71                       
Sun Mar 1   Alberta 86 Lethbridge 80                       

Great Plains Conference Playoff

Semi-final Best-of-Three  (3) at (2)
         Winnipeg at Regina 
Fri Mar 6  Winnipeg 95 Regina 77                            
Sat Mar 7  Regina 98 Winnipeg 85                     
Sun Mar 8  Regina 93 Winnipeg 83                                                                   

                                Finals Best of Three at (1)        
                                Fri Mar 13 Brandon 86 Regina 81                     
                                Sat Mar 14 Brandon 90 Regina 85 OT                           
                                Sun Mar 15 if necessary
                                     Brandon Bobcats
                                   97-98 GPAC Champion            

1997/98 OUA West Conference playoff at Waterloo

Fri/Sat/ games at Waterloo
Tue games at home of team listed last

5_Guelph___75  8:00
   8:00      __Guelph_____67
                              3:00       _Waterloo_Warriors_
6_Lakehead_63                            OUA West Champ 
   8:00      __Waterloo__68
3_Waterloo_70                              2:00         _Laurentian 75-67 _
               6:00        _Waterloo___78   at East       OUA Champ
             2_Western___63                Champ
                                         OUA East Champ
Tue Mar 3    Fri Mar 6      Sat Mar 7   Sat Mar 14 

GAME BOXES | Mac/Guelph | Waterloo/Mac |
This is a link to Wild West Shootout page at Waterloo
OUA Game Boxes

OUAA Ontario East Conference playoff

|.... at First Place Winner.....|..at East Champ..|
|.... at Laurentian

2 _York______63
  6:30         _Ottawa________47
3 _Ottawa____64
                 3:00           _Laurentian____75
1_Laurentian_88                 OUAA East Champ
  8:30         _Laurentian____73                 _Laurentian__
4_Ryerson____64                    2:00           OUAA Champ
                                OUAA West Champ     

Thu Mar 5      Sat Mar 7        Sat Mar 14 

OUA Game Boxes

Quebec Conference Playoff

Semi-Final: Single Game #3 at #2
         #3 at Concordia
Thu Mar 5  Laval 85 Concordia 81

                           Final  Best-of-three 
                           Sun Mar 8  Bishop's 81 Laval 56	
                           Tue Mar 10 Laval 65 Bishop's 64	
                           Fri Mar 13 Bishop's 90 Laval 46

                               Bishop's Gaiters  				
                                97-98 Champion

AUAA Atlantic Conference playoff - Halifax Metro Centre

  Friday March 13     Saturday March 14     Sunday March 15      
1 Acadia 73          
  12:30 G1 Acadia 76  
8 UPEI 46    
        NOON: G5 Acadia 73  
4 New Brunswick 75        
  2:30 G2 New Brunswick 68
5 St F Xavier 74  
        2:00 G7 Acadia Axemen
2 Saint Mary's 66     1998 AUAA Champ
  6:00 OT G3 Dalhousie 70    
7 Dalhousie 77    
        2:00 G6 Dalhousie 66
3 Cape Breton 89        
  8:00 OT G4 Cape Breton 60
6 Memorial 87      


Tournament Pass
.... Adult $30, Students Children, Seniors $18
Admission each day,
.... Adult $10 Students, Children, Seniors $6
Order at (902)451-1221 MC, Visa, AMEX,


Lower Bowl halfcourt sections are 7, 8, 9, 21, 22, 23.
Corners are 6, 10, 20, 24.
There isn't a bad seat in the house.
One of the corners is designated No Alcohol. Be sure to ask about it if you like to sip a cold one while watching the games.
AUAA Championship history on the AUAA home page

CIAU FINAL EIGHT Halifax Metro Centre

Conf Winners :: Laurentian :: Waterloo :: Victoria :: Bishop's :: Brandon :: Acadia
Wildcards :: McMaster :: Alberta
Fri Mar 20        Sat Mar 21     Sun Mar 22

  1:00        1 _Bishop's_____ 
                 5:00      7  _________________
3_Victoria____84 TSN Live
  3:00        2 _Victoria_____
                              6:00        10    __________________
4_McMaster____77              TSN Live         1998 CIAU Champions
  7:00        3 _McMaster_____
                 8:00      8  _________________
1_Laurentian__74 TSN Live
  9:00        4 _Laurentian___

                 NOON      5  _______________
                                 3:30     9  __________________
                _Acadia_______                 Consolation
                 2:00      6  _______________

Fri Mar 20       Sat Mar 21     Sun Mar 22
Game 1 |Game 2 |Game 3 |Game 4 |Game 5 |Game 6 |Game 7 |Game 8 |Game 9 |Game 10|
All times local Atlantic Tournament Attendance:
Narrative game reports by Kings Journalism students. Site is frames restricted. If you cannot reach it, try this text only link.

Events Schedule:

Reg Caulfield NS
Tom MacGratton NB
Tim Heenan BC
John MacFarland AB
Dave Werry SK
Bruce Fricker MB
Don Cline ON
Guy Cipriani AB
Brigg Harvey ON
Gary Boguski ON
Pierre Marion PQ
Gilles Briere PQ
Assignors: Bill Crowley BC Paul Dehaise Que
Apparently, 5 officials are assigned before each game, none from the conference of one of the teams in that matchup. Each participating coach then has the right to reject one of them. The remaining 3 work that game.
TEAM WARMUPS Thur Mar 19 One Hour
9:00 Open shoot
Fri Mar 21 Team Warmups: 30 minutes

Tickets: ... 1998 prices

Tournament Pass (10 games)
.... Adult $50 .... Students $35 .... Children $25
Admission for each Double Header,
.... Adult $14 .... Students $9 .... Children $7
Order at (902)451-1221 MC, Visa, AMEX,


Lower Bowl halfcourt sections are 7, 8, 9, 21, 22, 23.
Corners are 6, 10, 20, 24.
.... There isn't a bad seat in the house.
One of the corners is designated No Alcohol.
Be sure to ask about it if you like to sip a
cold one while watching the games.
PS: For FinalEight I'll be in Sec 9 Row S Seat 14 (top row of lower bowl) Drop by and chat... Bob Adams
Information bulletin issued by CIAU Organizers, how to contact, etc
Here are past records of the CIAU Championships
and here is the draw and results of Last Year's Final Eight

Metro Centre Seating

[Metro Centre Seating ...gif 11kb]

Here is a simple seating plan of the Metro Centre. Use it to select your preferred locations before calling in to order tickets.

Some prefer watching basketball from the corners, like Sections 4 and 5.

Seating Rows:
Lower Bowl: A-S
Upper Bowl: A-V

Row V is quite high, yet still a good place to watch championship basketball in a full house.

Staying downtown?

For out-of-town fans going to Halifax, here is a little map that shows the locations of the major venues for the Tournament; the Metro Centre, and The Halifax Sheraton. It shows the location of downtown hotels near the Metro Centre. All are first-class.

[Hotel Map ...gif 11kb]

A secret to picking a good location is to study the pedways and tunnels, the coloured lines on the map. If the weather is bad, (it seldom is in Halifax) you will be mostly indoors, under cover.

You can stay at the Prince George, and be totally indoors for the three days of the tournament, by taking the tunnel to the World Trade Centre, then escalators up to the Metro Centre.

From hotels connected through Scotia Square you can now walk directly in to the World Trade Center and Metro Centre through a new tunnel under Duke Street, opened in 1996.

The passage from WTC to the Metro Centre is through an office corridor that may be shut down after hours. If it is closed, you can easily step outside and re-enter through a nearby door to continue on your way.

Don't ask about amenities. The hotels have their own, and the area is crammed with eating and drinking spots. Check out Argyle and Grafton Streets to begin.

A block left on Granville Street is Bill Robinson's NS Sport Heritage Museum. Worth a visit, if you want to get outside and get some fresh air. While there you can shoot some baskets, play a bit of one-on-one, or shoot some pucks at a Tony Esposito.

This is not a commercial site... We place this material here only as a convenience for fans from other centres who may quickly decide to attend the AUAA Championship, or the CIAU Final Eight... Bob Adams

Cambridge Suites

Cambridge Web site ...and e-mail <cambridge.hfx@ns.sympatico.ca>
Toll Free: 1-800-565-1263
Two blocks South of Metro Centreon Brunswick Street
Details on Tournament specials to follow.

Delta Barrington

Delta Barrington Web Site
Host hotel for the CIAU Final Eight

Radisson SUITE Hotel Halifax

$125 per night, Single or Double
- Call for Family rates
Deluxe Continental Breakfast
Complimentary Hot Hors D'oeuvres every evening
Pool - Fitness - Jaccuzzi - Sauna
1-800-333-333 or local 429-7233
Radisson corporate Web Site

The Westin Nova Scotian

Free line direct to the Hotel... 1-888-NSWESTIN
Westin Web Site ...and e-mail <sales@halifax.newcastlehotels.com>
Rate: $75.00 single/double occupancy. Children 18 and under free.

The Westin is the host hotel for the AUAA's March 13-15.
For the AUAA Tourney, Westin offers ...
Guest room and family pizza for four (each night) $98.00
Includes parking - Complementary Shuttle Bus to the Metro Centre all weekend.

Wild Cards

The six conference champions are automatically invited to the Final Eight. Each conference decides its winner in its own way, often based on tradition and the geography of the conference.

This season the Atlantic conference is following the trend in some NCAA Div I conferences, like Missouri Valley, and is having all its teams participate in an 8-team single knockout tournament at Halifax Metro Centre. We are not sure of all the reasons, but in its old 6-team format it was not uncommon to see a #5 or #6 win the previous night come out and flatten the #1 or #2 seed after sharpening their shooting eye in the Metro Center. On the other hand, GPAC has reverted back to its 3-team format from its experiment last year when all four teams made the playoff.

Wild cards came about because of a need to make the national championship a fairer tournament. Using only the six conference winners creates an imbalanced draw. One conference champ may have to play 3 games to win the event. Another may reach the final with only a single victory. Adding two more teams creates a balanced, fair draw.

The last two teams accepted into the Final Eight are Wild Cards selected from the best of the remaining teams. This is done by a special CIAU committee who hold their final discussions and announce a decision on the Sunday evening prior to the Final Eight. Some conferences are still playing that afternoon, deciding their representative. The selection committee also seeds the teams into the championship draw.

Teams must actually apply to be considered as wild cards. A top team that does not formally apply will not be considered. This dates from the old days when a team might not be able to afford to travel to the championship. But, since the Final Eight found a permanent home in Halifax 15 years ago, the tournament has generated more than enough revenue to help deserving teams get there. This reminds one of the situation years ago when the NCAA actually had to force its top teams to play in its own championship. They did much better financially by going to the NIT in New York.

An obvious choice for a wildcard is a team that has been winning all season, has been high in the rankings, has led its league, but is unexpectedly upset in a sudden-death playoff game. But, if four such dominant teams are upset in conference playoffs, the committee has a bad problem.

Less common is for 6 season-long favorites to win their conference berths in the Final Eight. Then, the committee must decide between the next cluster of teams ranked 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Teams are chosen on merit. But where there is a toss-up the committee has the option to lean in the direction of selecting a wild card applicant from the home conference. It is felt this helps boost attendance and the revenue so necessary to maintaining the Final Eight as a prestige event.

To begin to predict which eight teams might make it, click back to the main basketball page, and see how the contenders are doing in the CHEERS RPI, the Coaches Poll, and conference standings.

Mark Cheers stats on the teams

From: Mark Cheers MarkC@cntc.com

1. Laurentian (24-4)
-- well if there's one week, you want to top the rankings, it's the last one, and that's what Laurentian did. Pre-season pick as the #4 team in Canada, they finally climbed to the top after beating Ottawa (12-19) to win the OUA East title. After winning the OUA East regular season by 6 wins, they avoided a final showdown with the only other winning team in the OUA East York (15-16), after they were upset. They finished off the season by beating OUA West champion Waterloo (18-12) at home for the Ontario crown, denied them last year by McMaster. Laurentian makes their second straight trip to the finals, after losing in the semi-finals last year.

They were 13-1 vs. their own conference, and 11-3 vs. others. Have gone 16-1 since January 3rd, when they lost to Western Ontario. vs. other teams in the tourney, they are 3-1. They beat Waterloo (18-12) at home, Bishop's (27-5) at home, and Brandon (16-7). Their only loss was to Bishop's (27-5) away. When held below 75 points, they are 2-4.

2. Bishop's (27-5)
- never ranked below 4th in the country all season, they were 2nd in the final pre-season rankings. For one week, January 27th, they were #1. They suffered a surprise loss to Laval (7-21) away in the QFSE finals, but that didn't drop them lower than 2nd in the Nationals seedings. An expected matchup with former QFSE favourite Concordia (17-14) did not materialize when Laval upset them. Bishop's have never made it to the semi-finals of the Nationals. This is their fourth trip overall.

They were 8-2 vs. their own conference, and 19-3 vs. others, as the OUA East interlocking conference was used again this year. They are 4-1 vs. other teams in the tournament. They started the season by beating Mac (23-4) in Hamilton, and followed with wins over Acadia (23-8) twice, and one over Laurentian (24-4) away. Their soul loss was to Laurentian away on January 31st. Only one loss to a team with a losing record (21-1), and that was Laval. Two of their 5 losses were by 1 point -- to Guelph (14-12), and Laval.

3. Victoria (26-8)
- it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Ranked #1 for most of the season, they stumbled near the end, winning the Canada West regular season crown by one game over Victoria and Lethbridge. They had home court advantage through the playoffs, and had to go to game 3's in both rounds -- beating UBC (12-15) in the semi-finals, and then Alberta (22-10) in the finals. This is the same team that won 16 in a row from November to January. UVic won the Nationals last year, after not even making it in 1996. It was their first title since the famed 7 in a row in the 80's.

A very limited CIAU pre-season saw them go 3-1, with their sole loss going to Regina (23-13). They are 6-4 in their last 10 going into the Nationals. They are 6-3 vs. other competitors at the Nationals, but 8 of those games are against Alberta. In the other game, they beat Brandon (16-7) by 7 points.

4. McMaster (23-4)
-- oh how the mighty fell. As the #1 team in the country, they were one game away from the OUA West title, and a date with Laurentian. But a 4 point loss to Waterloo (18-12) in Waterloo took that away and plummeted them to 4th in the rankings, and a Nationals date with hometown Acadia. They were ranked #1 for 2 weeks all year, but never lower than 4th. They finished 1st in the OUA West in the regular season, beating Western by 1 win. After one trip to the finals in the 70's, and one in the 80's, Mac makes the trip for the 6th straight year. Mac have made the second most trips to the finals without winning the Gold (7). Laurentian have been 8 times and not yet won the Gold (or Silver). That doesn't include this year, of course.

Mac were 8-2 vs. other conferences, the losses going to Bishop's (27-5) at home, and Alberta (22-10) at McGill. Before the loss to Waterloo, they had won 20 of 21. Against other competitors, they are 2-3. The other games not mentioned were against Waterloo, when they were 2-1.

5. Acadia (23-8)
-- the regular season Atlantic winner, and the playoff Atlantic winner. No doubt Alberta were fans of theirs in the playoffs. Finished the regular season 16-4. Only one of their three playoff games was against a winning team (bt. UNB -- 18-12), as a few upsets happened. While early season SFX faltered, Acadia kept rolling in the big games.

2-3 vs. other conferences, as action was limited. A fine 21-5 vs. neighbouring teams. Only two games vs. other tourny invitees, and those were two losses to Bishop's (27-5). One of the more storied teams at the Nationals, Acadia have been at the tournament for a record 19 years (including this year) since 1963. They've won it 3 times (all before the 80's).

6. Brandon (16-7)
-- quietly going about their business, Brandon returns to the Nationals for yet another time. They clinched the regular season with a win over Regina (23-13), and they beat the same time in the finals by a total of 10 points in two games. Shawn Gray was 10th in the nation in scoring with an average of 20.9 per game. The only scorer in the top 10 that did not make a 3 point field goal. They left that to Maurice Carter who led the nation with a 56% connection rate (33/59).

They had a long climb uphill into the rankings, and made their first entry on February 17th. 2-4 in the preason, with losses to Guelph (14-12), Victoria (26-8), Lakehead (9-13), and Laurentian (24-4). They had two wins over Lethbridge (22-12) and Lakehead. A total of 0-2 vs. fellow participants, losing by 7 to UVic, and by 6 to Laurentian.

Brandon are second on the all-time list of winners at the Nationals, having won four Gold medals. They came consecutively between '87 and '89, and in 1996. They are making the trip for the 12th straight year, which is a current record.

7. Alberta (22-10)
-- like Mac, needed the back door to join the Elite 8. Did not look like they were going to make it after 5 straight losses. Granted those 5 in a row came against Victoria (26-8) and Lethbridge (22-12). But on November 22nd, Alberta stood at 4-6. Since then, they are 18-4. Alberta lost to UVic in the Canada West game 3 in Victoria, by a score of 76-62. They beat out Western for the final wild card spot.

They also had a limited CIAU pre-season, going 3-1, including a win over McMaster at the McGill tournament. Against other tournament opponents they are 4-5. 8 of the games were against Victoria.

After making it to the finals for 3 straight years, Alberta missed the '97 Nationals. They're tied for 4th with 2 Golds in basketball (with UBC).

8. Waterloo (18-12)
-- if Cinderella has a name in the CIAU, that name is Waterloo. Facing a win or out scenario, Waterloo took out Western (20-5) and McMaster (23-4) at home to win the automatic OUA West bid. Those wins dumped Western out of Nationals contention. Can the magic continue? They're 7-4 vs. other conferences, and 3-8 vs. teams with winning records. They're certainly the dark horse.

vs. other teams in contention, they are 1-3, 0-1 vs. Laurentian and 1-2 vs. McMaster. Waterloo return to the tournament for the first time since 1986.

Missed the cut:

Western (20-5)
SFX (20-11)
Lethbridge (22-12)
Regina (23-13)

Vs. Winning Teams
Laurentian  5-2  .714
Mac         7-4  .636
Acadia     11-7  .611
Bishop's    6-4  .600
UVic       10-7  .588
Alberta     7-10 .412
Brandon     6-5  .545
Waterloo    3-8  .273

Vs. Teams at Tourny
Bishop's    4-1
Laurentian  3-1
UVic        6-3
Mac         2-3
Alberta     4-5
Waterloo    1-3
Brandon     0-2
Acadia      0-2

Vs. Top ten in RPI
UVic        7-3  .700
Bishop's    4-2  .667
Mac         4-3  .571
Laurentian  2-2  .500
Alberta     4-5  .444
Waterloo    3-8  .375
Acadia      0-2  .000
Brandon     0-3  .000

Bishop's   19-3  .864
Mac         8-2  .800
Laurentian 11-3  .786
UVic        3-1  .750
Alberta     3-1  .750
Waterloo    7-4  .636
Acadia      2-3  .400
Brandon     2-4  .333

Awards and All-Stars

1997/98 Canada West All Stars and Awards

First Team

Danny Balderson Lethbridge (unan)
Eric Hinrichsen UVic (unan)
Seth Adler Uvic
Spencer Holt Lethbridge
Gerald Cole UBC

Second Team

Nino Sose UBC
Darren Semeniuk Alberta
John Dykstra UBC
Mark Filteau Alberta
Jared Heidinger Lethbridge

Canada West Player of the Year

Danny Balderson Lethbridge

Coach of the Year:

Dave Crook, Lethbridge

Rookie of the Year:

Chris Harris Calgary (unan)

All-Rookie Team:

Chris Harris Calgary
Christopher (Beau) Mitchell UBC
Denis Bekkering Lethbridge
Stephen Parker Alberta
Geoff Glines Sask

1997/98 GPAC AllStars

First Team

1. Kevin Gilroy, Regina
2. Shawn Gray, Brandon
3. Dale Holmes, Regina
3. Richard Lovelace, Brandon
5. Ogo Okwumabua, Manitoba

Second Team

1. Steve Newton, Winnipeg
2. Bill Johnson, Regina
3. Maurice Carter, Brandon
4. Matej Maroti, Winnipeg
5. Mark Passley, Brandon

Player Of Year

Kevin Gilroy, Regina

Rookie Of Year

Brent Sevigny, Manitoba

Coach of the Year

James Hillis, Regina

1997/98 OUA All Stars and Awards

             EAST DIVISION                     WEST DIVISION
         First Team                        First Team
         Ted Dongelmans   Laurentian       Titus Channer   McMaster
         Brian Leonard    Carleton         Micah Bourdeau  Western
         Dean Labayen     York             Mano Watsa      Waterloo
         Derek Richardson Queen's          Nat Graham      Western
         Cory Bailey      Laurentian       Geoff Stead     Windsor

         Second Team                       Second Team
         Kevin Gordon     Laurentian       Steve Maga      McMaster
         Carl Harper      Ryerson          Bjorn Trow      Brock
         Steve Chapman    Ottawa           Mike Ayanbadejo Guelph
         Vidak Curic      Toronto          Ramon McElmurry Lakehead
        +Chris Peskun     York             Jeff Zdrahal    Laurier
        +Brian Smith      Ryerson
        + Tied

         COACH OF THE YEAR                 COACH OF THE YEAR
         Bob Bain        York              Craig Boydell   Western
         ROOKIE OF THE YEAR                ROOKIE OF THE YEAR
         Dean Labayen    York              Mike Ayanbadejo Guelph
         PLAYER OF THE YEAR                PLAYER OF THE YEAR
         Ted Dongelmans  Laurentian        Titus Channer   McMaster

Quebec Awards 1997/98

First Team

Centre: Robert Burns, Bishop's [Senior]
Point Guard: Ryan Thorne, Bishop's [Senior]
Forward: Hubert Davis, McGill [Senior]
Forward: Jay Prosper, Concordia [Junior]
Forward: Marc-Olivier Bessette, Laval [Sophomore]

Second Team

Forward: Stewart Clark, Bishop's [Fifth Yr]
Forward/Guard: Patrice Lemieux, Bishop's [Junior]
Guard: Mark Spence, Concordia [Sophomore]
Guard: Michael Kieran, Concordia [Freshman]
Point Guard: Matt Watson, McGill [Senior]

Player of the Year:

Jay Prosper, Concordia [Junior]

Rookie of the Year:

Michael Kieran, Concordia

Coach of the Year:

Eddie Pomykala, Bishop's [14th Yr]

1997/98 Atlantic AUAA Awards

First Team

Jonah Taussig, Saint Mary's
Fred Perry, St.FX
Jan Trojanowski, Acadia
Brian Parker, Dalhousie
Peter Benoite, Memorial

Second Team

Isaac King - St.FX
David Phillip - Cape Breton
Chris Cain - Acadia
* Patrick Toulouse - Saint Mary's
Derek Cotton - Acadia
Gord McNeilly - New Brunswick
.... * overlooked in original vote count

Player of the year:

Jan Trojanowski - Acadia

Rookie of the year:

Jeff Cotter - New Brunswick

Coach of the year:

Dave Nutbrown - Acadia

CIAU Final Eight Tournament Awards

Tournament MVP

Stewart Clark, Bishop's

Tournament All-Stars

Ryan Thorne , Bishop's
Patrice Lemieux, Bishop's
Steve Maga , McMaster
Titus Channer, McMaster
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria

CIAU National Awards

Saxon All-Canadians

First Team

Titus Channer, McMaster
Kevin Gilroy,Regina
Danny Balderson, Lethbridge
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria
Jan Trojanowski, Acadia

Second Team

Shawn Gray, Brandon
Brian Parker, Dalhousie
Ted Dongelmans, Laurentian
Mano Watsa, Waterloo
Michah Bourdeau, Western

Mike Moser Award (outstanding Player)

Titus Channer, McMaster


Dean Labayen, York

Ken Shields-TSN Award

Jonathan Dingle, Western

Coach of Year

Eddie Pomykala, Bishop's

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1997-98 Bishop's Gaiters
32 Patrice Lemieux  G/F 6'3  22 Psychology  3  Cegep de Sherb Sherbrooke PQ
23 Markus Rodousakis F  6'4  20 Bus Admin   2  The Heights    Potomac MD
33 Rob Burns         P  6'8  22 Bus Admin   4  John F. Ross   PQ
50 Andrew Carter     P  6'10 20 Pol Science 2  Trinity Coll   Toronto ON
44 Brian Woods       F  6'7  21 History     1  Dawson Coll    Dorion PQ
42 Sam Rogers        P  6'5     Bus Admin   3  JS Woodsworth  Nepean ON
3  Joel Sherbino    G/F 6'6  21 Social Sci  3  Aurora         Woodbridge ON
34 Dwayne Ells       F  6'3  18 Natural Sci 1  H Trimble      Lutes Mtn NB
20 Shawn Craik       G  6'2  18 Natural Sci 1  H Trimble      Moncton NB
21 Sam Menard        G  5'11 21 Bus Admin   2  Colonel By     Orleans ON
12 Jamie Woods       G  6'2  22 Bus Admin   4  Dawson Coll    Elgin PQ
24 Stewart Clark     F  6'5  24 Social Sci  5  Lisgar Colleg  Masonville PQ
40 Kris Ruiter       F  6'5  22 Bus Admin   4  John Abbott    Hudson Hts PQ
4  Ryan Thorne      PG  5'10 25 Social Sci  4  John Abbott    Pierrefonds PQ
30 Remi Aucoin      PG  6'1  22 Bus Admin   4  Cegep de Sherb Sherbrooke PQ
22 Greg Southward    G  6'0  24 Geography   5  Ridgemont High Ottawa ON 
Head Coach:                Eddie Pomykala 
Assistant Coach:           Jeff Harris 
Student Assistant Coach:   Chris Forsythe 
Manager:                   Tom Sutton 

97/98 Laurentian Voyageurs
No   Name                     Pos       Ht
11   Joey Turco               GRD       5'11"
12   Leon Sutton              GRD       6'0"
14   Patrick Brandt           GRD       6'4"
15   Kevin Gordon             GRD       6'0"
21   Dwayne Burton            FWD       6'4"
22   Anthony Malcolm          GRD       6'0"
23   Roan Biggs               CNT       6'6"
24   Cory Bailey              GRD       6'1"
33   Clifton Edwards          GRD       6"2"
34   Adam Dusome              FWD       6'3"
35   Theodore Dongelmans      CNT       6'10"
44   Colin Crokam             FWD       6'4"
45   Blaine Henderson         PST       6'6"

Head Coach:     Peter Campbell
Assistant:      Shawn Swords
Trainer:        Shawna McNabb
SportInfo:      Deanna Seguin

97/98 Waterloo Warriors
NO. NAME               POS   HT    WT   YR
3  Mark Eys             F   6-5   200    4
5  Mano Watsa           G   5-10  165    4
10 Marc Rigaux          G   6-1   170    2
20 Tony Grant           G   5-11  175    1
23 Dan Schipper         C   6-9   215    2
24 Adam Kras            G   6-0   155    1
32 Remy Donaldson       F   6-5   200    3
33 Paul Kwiatkowski     F   6-3   195    3
34 John Quinlan         G   6-1   170  
42 Mike Stroeder        F   6-7   210    3
43 Derek Maat           C   6-7   205    3
44 Mike Zavershnik      C   6-8   195    2
54 Conrad Kreek         F   6-5   190    1
55 Kieren Del Pasqua    C   6-9   210    3

Head Coach: Tom Kieswetter
Assistant Coaches: Curt Warkentin, Angelo Provenzano, 
Manager: Erin Chedd

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CIAU FINAL EIGHT Halifax Metro Centre

Conf Winners :: Laurentian :: Waterloo :: Victoria :: Bishop's :: Brandon :: Acadia
Wildcards :: McMaster :: Alberta
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  Friday March 20     Saturday March 21     Sunday March 22      
2 Bishop's 75      
  1:00 G1 Bishop's 78  
7 Alberta 67    
        5:00 G7 Bishop's 74    
3 Victoria 84   TSN Live!    
  3:00 G2 Victoria 76
6 Brandon 65  
        5:30 G10 Bishop's Gaiters
4 McMaster 77   TSN Live!   1998 CIAU
  7:00 G3 McMaster 82     Champions
5 Acadia 67      
        8:30 G8 McMaster 71
1 Laurentian 74   TSN Live!    
  9:00 G4 Laurentian 68
8 Waterloo 57  
  Alberta 75    
NOON G5 Brandon 70    
Brandon 97    
      3:00 G9 Acadia Axemen
Acadia 76       Consolation
2:00 G6 Acadia 71 Champ
Waterloo 69  
  Friday March 20     Saturday March 21     Sunday March 22      
  Att: 10,004     Att: 9,030     Att: 6,379     Total Att: 25,143