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All of the following things were brewed up just for the fun or challenge they presented or simply because 'I just had to', and were not originally intended to be written as patterns. Due to considerable lobbying by a number of persistent and manic knitters, the Fish Hanging and Andean Vest Recipe have been made available for the truly determined!

I love playing around with yarn and other ingredients. Ideas and new designs are usually a coming-together of several ideas and a desire to use particular yarns. Many of the ideas stew on the back burner for a long time until the right combination of circumstances pulls them together.
I'll illustrate how some of my one-off pieces were brewed up.
Optical Illusions Optical Illusions
A classic sweater ( or cardigan ) with set-in sleeves.
Vancouver Socks Vancouver Socks
Full length socks - the top knitted with 'fantasy' yarns from Vancouver yarn shops, with a detachable foot in Socka yarn.
Andean Vest Andean Vest
An exploration of multi directional knitting in a South American style.
Andean Vest Recipe: Written due to demand from a few manic hardcore knitters (who refused to leave me in peace!). Contains a color detail sheet, 11 x 17 charts, details of the original, along with the measurement information in order to construct your own vest from first principles. Very challenging!
Pattern: $13.00 Cdn
Fish Hanging Fish Hanging
An interlocking intarsia fish puzzle.
This wall hanging is leviathan project for intarsia fanatics or fish lovers: An Escheresque undersea odyssey. Finished dimensions approximately 4' x 4'. Smaller sections of the chart would make great pillows or smaller wall hangings.
Pattern $12.00 Cdn
Macedonian Sweater Macedonian Sweater
A friend's challenge..."I want a sweater to express my ancestry "
Lampshade Lampshade
An illuminating look at knitting.
Earrings Earrings
"I wonder if I can knit wire?"
Killer Vest Killer Vest
A feeloholics delight and intarsia nightmare!
Technicolour Dreamboots Technicolour Dreamboots
A double knit challenge for cold feet.

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