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Triad has several projects currently in development or production. Here is a 'sneak preview' of films that we're presently working on.

Cecil's Journey

At the heart of Cecil's Journey is the tale of a young Canadian's quest to revisit his Sri Lankan roots. Cecil's return is a deeply personal voyage, one fueled by a search for identity.

On the surface, this film tracks Cecil Fernando's return to Sri Lanka as he searches for new subjects for his paintings. The development of these paintings and the ensuing exhibition back in Canada will also be interwoven.

But as the documentary unfolds, it becomes apparent that this "trip" is far more personal in nature. Immediately, Cecil comes face to face with the cultural realities of a worn torn and ethnically divided Sri Lanka. As a Tamil, a group of peoples who have been historically oppressed in Sri Lanka, Cecil has the unique opportunity to experience life as a Sri Lankan Tamil, with the cultural and political padding of being a Canadian citizen.

Cecil's return to "home" is one which brings a heightened understanding of the cross cultural narrative of Canada. The vitality and strength of this documentary will come from the fact that this is truly a journey, both physically and spiritually.

Learning Peace

Learning Peace is a year in the life of a school that is actively addressing the damaging effects of bullying and intimidation. Initiated by Principal Heather Harris and school counselor Peter Worden, Annapolis East Elementary has been on a mission of learning peace for three years. Even under the scrutiny of public opinion and community backlash Harris maintains that her zero tolerance policy is what is needed for the safety and well being of her students.

Paralleling their victories and defeats will be the experiences of the students on the receiving end of the program. From the perspectives of those who have been helped to the others who continue to struggle, Learning Peace will ultimately show how young children can be empowered to recognize and diffuse aggressive behaviour within themselves and others.

Directed byTeresa MacInnes and produced by Peter d'Entremont and Kent Martin, Learning Peace is the second part of a triology of films dealing with violence in the schools and constructive and imaginative approaches to dealing with the issue.

Soldier Boys

Soldier Boys, will investigate the horror and the heroism in the lives of some 12,000 child soldiers. Made up overwhelmingly of boys under 16 years of age, Ugandan warlord General Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army is just one example of a global scandal- the wholesale, forced recruitment of young boys to fight in war.

This one hour documentary will expose the damage the boy soldier of the LRA suffer, and the damage they are forced to inflict. We'll also follow the action being taken by international relief agencies to heal the psychological wounds of former LRA fighters, and to find ways to reintegrate them in Acholi society. And to put our story firmly into context, we'll hear from Canadian, American and United Nations experts on the widening horror of the use of boy soldiers in the military.

Whether it's the press gang in Acholiland, the underground organizers of the Intifada in Palestine, the Sendero Luminoso guerrillas in Peru, or the Serbian Army in Kosovo - boys are being forced into deadly military service all over the globe. Worldwide, the United Nations estimates, over 300,000 boys under the age of 16 are now in active combat. Soldier Boys will focus on Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) because it uniquely is made up almost entirely of very young boys kidnapped from their homes and forced to fight on pain of death.

Please contact us for further details on any of these projects.

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