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In the twenty years that Triad has been working in Atlantic Canada we have produced a diverse series of compelling films dealing with a broad spectrum of social, political and cultural issues of this region. Some of them include:

Waging Peace
Waging Peace looks beyond the sensational headlines on school violence, to offer real solutions. It shows the hard work that goes into turning a troubled school around. It lets us know how students really see school, and demonstrates the positive effects of trusting teens and giving them some responsibility. Directed by Teresa MacInnes and produced by Peter d'Entremont, the film profiles Edy Guy- François principal of Caledonia Junior High in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and her staff and students as they learn to wage peace and build a better learning environment for all.

Nuliajuk: Mother of the Sea Beasts
The age-old story of Nuliajuk is the key to a mystery; a haunting and gripping tale that opens a window into the soul of the Inuit. Award-winning director and writer John Houston producer Peter d'Entremont continues their intimate exploration of Inuit culture in a film which follows two interconnected journeys. Both are in search of the elusive and mythical Nuliajuk, a female deity whose presence is seen in countless works of Inuit art. Carried throughout the Arctic in the hearts and imaginations of the ancestral Inuit people; driven underground and into hiding by the strictures of the church and its missionaries, Nuliajuk's truth and story now emerge.

Hank & Jimmie: A Story of Country
Director John Martin has followed up his acclaimed documentary on legendary Canadian jazz guitarist Lenny Breau, with a startling examination of the life and music of Nova Scotia's most famous contribution to country music, the late Hank Snow. Focusing on Hank's often rocky relationship with his only child Jimmie Rodgers Snow, this film, produced by Peter d'Entremont, reveals darker aspects of the American Dream that Snow kept carefully hidden throughout a long, hard-wrought career at the pinnacle of country music success.

Military Wives
Directed by Wanda Graham and produced by Peter d'Entremont this film profiles a group of witty, forthright, vulnerable and resilient women forced by circumstances to battle the military establishment for the sake of their husbands, their children or themselves.

Songs in Stone: An Arctic Journey Home
Directed by John Houston and produced by Peter d'Entremont Songs in Stone tells a gripping story of family, community, art and culture set against the sweeping vistas of the Canadian Arctic. It's the story of a family's love affair with the powerful landscape of the Canadian north, the close communities that dwell there and the rich culture that is born of their meeting.

Acadian Spirit: The Legacy of Philippe d'Entremont
Directed by Peter d'Entremont and Lindalee Tracey and produced by Peter Raymont, Lindalee Tracey and Maria Pimental, Acadian Spirit is a passionate and riveting exploration of Peter d'Entremont's own ancestry through the story of Philippe d'Entremont, one of the early founders of the Acadian community of Pubnico, Nova Scotia. It is also a tribute to the modern villagers of Pubnico, many of them d'Entremonts, who combine their efforts as amateur sleuths to uncover the roots of their own family legacy.

The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis
Directed by Peter d'Entremont and produced by Sally Bochner, Don Haig, Peter d'Entremont, Michael Mahoney, Kent Martin, and Christopher Zimmer, this film vibrantly chronicles the life of Maud Lewis one of Nova Scotia's most revered folk artists. In her lifetime she was already recognized as a remarkable talent, a painter with a unique and joyful vision of rural Nova Scotia. Since her death her art has received increasing critical and public acclaim and she is now acknowledged as an outstanding folk artist whose naive and untutored style reveals a wealth of human and natural beauty.

Place of the Boss: Utshimassits
Directed by John Walker and produced by Peter d'Entremont, Marilyn A. Belec, Michael Mahoney, and John Walker this film offers a behind-the-headlines look at Davis Inlet, Labrador, a place the Innu called Place of the Boss: Utshimassits. The tragedies the community has experienced have served as an important awakening, the starting point in a process of reflection and change.

Bronwen and Jaffa: Moving Towards Tolerance
Directed by by Peter d'Entremont and produced by Marilyn A. Belec, Don Haig, and Michael Mahoney, Bronwen and Yaffa is a story about youth and racism. Two girls, Bronwen Trim and Yaffa Elling, have decided to take a stance against racism in today's culture. The film explores the hopes and obstacles surrounding their efforts to organize a music rally against racism.

The Battle for Mosher River
Directed by by Peter d'Entremont and Lesley Ann Patten produced by Marilyn A. Belec, Michael Mahoney, Jerry McIntosh, Don Richardson, Peter d'Entremont, this film uses the reconstruction of a murder case to look behind the complex story of rural culture, family feuding and the consequences of violent behavior in a small Canadian town in Nova Scotia.

Flight: Searching For Scotland
Directed by Emma Davie and produced by Frances Higson, Peter d'Entremont, Chris Zimmer, and Paddy Higson, this film follows Scottish filmmaker Emma Davie in her discovery of elements of her native Scottish culture thriving in Cape Breton. The film revisits Gaelic language, Celtic fiddling and ancient bagpiping traditions amidst the stunning Nova Scotia landscapes.

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