The New User Reference Index

Margaret C. Douma
Beacon Correspondent
Andrew D. Wright

Last revised: October 1999

          Many Chebucto Community Net members, especially the newer ones, have questions. The questions may be about terminology, about how to perform a specific task, like downloading, or about a specific problem, like a missing bookmark file. The answers to these questions are usually available, and often in more than one place.

          The Beacon is attempting to consolidate this information, by creating an index of links to information sources. This is a work in progress, so it will expand and change over time.

          For online support with problems not addressed here, CCN Userhelp volunteers can be reached by email at: Users with more immediate or pressing problems can phone the CCN office at (902) 494-2449 anytime and leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible and the office is staffed Monday to Friday 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.



  1. Your Account or Personal Directory


  3. Cookies

  4. Disk Space and Disk Quotas

  5. Downloading and Uploading Files

  6. Email and Pine

  7. Exploring the World Wide Web

  8. History Page

  9. Introduction to CCN, the Internet, and Other General Information

  10. Keystroke Commands

  11. Printing

  12. Reading Newsgroups

  13. Searching For Information on the Internet

  14. Shortcuts

  15. Signature Files

  16. Visited Links


















Your Account or Personal Directory

          When you are registered as a Chebucto Community Net member, several files are created under your account number on CCN's computer. When you export mail to your account, or upload a file, this is where it ends up. You can check your files by typing 'gfiles' (without quotes).

          Information about your account, and the finer points of managing your files can be found in the following places:

How to manage your user account

Personal Files

File Management






















A brief introduction to bookmarks can be found in the Lynx Browser guide.

The CCN online Users' Guide has a more general introduction to bookmarks

The July 1995 issue of the CCN Connections contains an article about using bookmarks to create World Wide Web pages of links to your favourite sites.


























Disk Space and Disk Quotas

About your disk quota

What happens when you are over quota.

How to reduce your quota when you are overquota




































Email and Pine

          The first six links included here are general introductions to email and Pine, the email program used by CCN. Many of them will include basics like exporting and downloading attachments, and uploading files. If you are very new to CCN and email, it is worth reviewing some of these documents first.

Email Tutorial

Getting Started with Pine

Guidelines for Using Email includes useful tips and etiquette.

Pine and Email from the CCN User Guide.

Using Email with Pine

Using Email to Send and Receive Files


          The following are links that answer more specific questions about features, techniques, and possible problems.

Accessing your CCN mail from your existing PPP account (e.g. iSTAR)

Anonymous Email, to send

Email caching, information about the effects of heavy internet traffic

Can I get a virus from opening an email?

Chain Mail

Composing email off-line or how to write long letters without consuming valuable connection time.

Concatenated Email (several messages that have been strung together as a result of a control code error)

Stopping the dead.letter file when cancelling an email

Decoding Email that has been uu-encoded.

Delivery problems

Exporting Files

Harassing Email

Junk email

Octet Stream/Application

Saving a group of messages by date, or Email Aggregate

Resending a bounced Email message

Saving Attachments

Saving email, one at a time or in batches

Sending large attachments


More on Spam

Uploading Email

Where to send questions

Why can't I access my HotMail account from Lynx?

Why do I have this strange DON'T DELETE THIS MESSAGE -- FOLDER INTERNAL DATA message in my mailbox?

Windows 95 and Control Characters in Pine






History Page

A full description of the History Page.

A briefer description of the History Page feature.

The July 1995 issue of CCN Connections contains an article about using your history, bookmarks and file manager to create World Wide Web pages of links to your favourite sites.











Keystroke Commands

Older Lynx Key Map

New Features for Lynx 2.7.1 (Current version)












Shortcuts as discussed in the CCN User Guide.

Shortcut List































Signature Files


Signature At the Bottom in Pine

Signature File Creation














Visited Links

Help on the Visited Links Page






Exploring the World Wide Web

Accessing Internet From CCN #1

Accessing Internet From CCN #2

Basic Navigation Using LYNX (Help/Manual/3_basicnav)

World Wide Web Access From CCN







Here's an explanation of Cookies, and

Help on the Cookie Jar Page






Searching For Information on the Internet

Search engines and other resources may be found at World Wide Web and Internet Resources.

If you want to find a word within a document (using Lynx) there is

Searching Within the Document.

The Chebucto Community Net Internet Guide and Tutorial has several sections on searching:

An Introduction to Searching

How Do I Search For . . . and some

Exercises For You to Try.

Searching for Information on CCN

Searching the Internet (Help/INet/SearchInet)











Downloading and Uploading Files

More complete information about downloading can be found in the User Guide.

Viewing and downloading image files.

For more on downloading from Binary Files.

How to download

How to upload

The Public Download Area is a collection of software you may find useful when interacting with CCN and the Internet.

More complete information about uploading can be found in the User Guide.






Introduction to CCN, the Internet, and Other General Information

Chebucto Community Net User Guide

Chebucto Community Net Internet Guide and Tutorial

The HelpDesk's Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) is useful.

The CSuite Glossary

Are there lessons in how to do things on CCN?

How can I go to a web site with Lynx?

How can I find a list of shortcuts?







The Print Command

Help on printing from the Lynx Users Guide

More Lynx Print Help.

Printing From CSuite.