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    This catalogue consists of acts known nationally in Canada, along with international acts and performers for whom Richard has done lighting during his career. It covers those with which Richard toured as well as ones he lighted only when they worked in one or more of the Atlantic Provinces for short engagements at clubs or for individual one-nighters.

    Each act is listed in the musical genre in which it performed when Richard lighted it. For those that fell at that time into more than one category, the names are shown in all that are relevant -- some included on a separate page of Local, National and International Clasical, Jazz and Traditional Acts. Given that many are difficult to place in one specific genre, there is some duplication.

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    Not included are acts to which Richard rented equipment nor those for which he did only design work. Just those where he was physically present and doing the lighting are here.

    Those acts from the Atlantic area for whom Richard did lighting that are not listed here are covered under Atlantic Canadian Acts.

    Names with Questions Marks are in doubt as to whether Richard did lighting or not. In most cases they were on a bill with other artists Richard did light. However, they may have performed during daylight hours at an outdoor show and as such, should not be included here. They will remain listed in the hope that responses may be received from those that know whether they were lighted by Richard Bonner or not.


All names are presented here in STRICT
alphabetical order, excluding articles.

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    Blues Bands and Artists


    Country/Folk/Gospel/Traditional/Pop Artists

  • Anita Perras and Tim Taylor ?

  • Baker Street
  • Birch Mountain ?
  • Bobby Helms
  • Bobby Lalonde Band ?

  • Calico
  • Carew, Breeze and Wilson
  • Carroll Baker
  • Carol Johns ?
  • Cathy Chambers
  • Cheryl Gaudet
  • Chris Krienke
  • -The Collingsworth Family (Gospel)

  • Dave Dudley
  • Dallas Harms
  • Dick Damron

  • Eddie Eastman
  • Eddie Poirer
    and the Bluegrass 4 ?
  • Ed McCurdy

  • Family Brown
  • -For Heaven's Sake
    (Female Barbershop Quartet)

  • -Gene MacLellan
  • Genette Porter Show ?
  • Gene Watson
  • George Jones
  • Gills Goddard
  • -Gold City (Gospel)
  • Good Brothers
  • -Gordon Lightfoot

  • Harvey Henry Band ?

  • Irish Rovers

  • Jaymes Mayhew
  • Joan Kennedy
  • John Allan Cameron
  • Johnny & Bobby Wright
  • Johnny Comfort
  • Johnny Gold
  • Julian Austin

  • -k.d. lang
  • Kitty Wells

  • Ladies Choice Bluegrass Band
  • Laura Vinsen ?
  • Lee Marlow
  • Little Jimmy Dickens
  • Lucille Stark

  • Marie Bottrell
  • McGinty
  • Memphis
  • -Men Of The Deeps
  • Mercey Brothers
  • Michele Wright

  • Neville Wells ?

  • -The Perrys (Gospel)
  • -Porter Wagoner

  • Ralph Carlson ?
  • -Rawlins Cross
  • Ray Price
  • Rhonda Hart
  • Richie Havens
  • -Rita MacNeil
  • Ronnie Prophet

  • Shady Grove ?
  • Silver Rain
  • Sonja Wood

  • Terry Carisse
  • Terry Kelly
  • Tony Prophet ?

  • Valdy

  • Whiskey Jack
  • Wilf Carter


    Pop/MOR Acts and Artists


    Rock/Pop Bands and Artists

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