Square and Round Dance Federation
of Nova Scotia



The following awards are presented to Federation members by the President or his/her designate at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) or other suitable dance function.

Clubs, Dancers, Callers, & Cuers should notify the AWARDS COMMITTEE (see current executive list) through the Regional Representative, of anyone or any club eligible for any of the following awards.

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  1. MAYFLOWER AWARD - The Mayflower Award is an award of excellence in recognition of 20 years or more of outstanding contribution in Nova Scotia to square and round dancing, and all other dance categories recognized by the Federation,at the local, regional, or provincial level. Nominations may be presented by a member club or by five or more square/round dancers from anywhere in the province. Nominations must include the credentials of the candidate(s), which will be read at the presentation of the award. Deadline for submission is March 30th of the year in which the award is to be presented. The number of awards is limited to a maximum of two per year, but it will not be mandatory that it be presented each year.
  2. CALLER/CUER SERVICE AWARD - Callers/Cuers should be recognized at retirement for services of 10 years or more in Nova Scotia. Active callers/cuers should be recognized for 20 years of service in Nova Scotia and again for every additional 5 years thereafter.


  1. CLUBS - A member club will be issued a certificate of 20 years of continuous* dancing and for every additional 5 years thereafter.

  2. DANCER - Dancers are eligible for a 10 year dangle after every 10 years or more of continuous* dancing. A dancer or dancing couple is eligible for a Certificate of Appreciation when they complete 20 years or more of continuous* dancing.

* Continuous means:

  • Continuous shall be interpreted for a club as offering regular dances during a normal dance season.
  • Continuous shall be interpreted for a dancer as reasonably steady attendance at square [round] dances during a normal dance season.
  • Such attendance should be in Nova Scotia at the time of the award but years of square [round] dancing elsewhere may be counted in the total.
  • For both clubs and dancers, the total number of dancing seasons must be at least 20, but they do not have to be consecutive.



Club Representatives may also request a Special Award for other significant milestones that will be receiving recognition during a special dance.


The Awards Committee should consist of at least two couples with at least one from the Federation Executive. Its mandate is to oversee the presentation of the three types of Federation Awards. This includes gathering names of eligible recipients, evaluating nominations, arranging for the production and presentation of the awards, and reporting awards presented to the SRDFNS AGM each year.

The Awards Committee is responsible for advertising the availability of the SRDFNS Awards. This should be done through the Regional Representatives, by direct e-mail to SRDFNS member clubs, and by making the award presentations at major events.

The Awards Committee shall solicit nominations for the Mayflower Award and evaluate those received. It shall choose a maximum of two couples per year to recommend to the Federation Executive for its approval. When possible the Mayflower Awards shall be presented during a Federation Festival or other major event. The nomination information should be transmitted to the webmaster for inclusion in the Awards section of the website.

Club Representatives should request Caller/Cuer Service Awards and Club Longevity Awards through their Regional Representative and arrange for an appropriate presentation ceremony.

Information regarding individual dancers eligible for Longevity Awards should come to the Federation from the Club Representatives and will occur automatically if the Club Membership lists include the dates when the dancers began dancing. The Awards Committee is responsible for compiling the list of those eligible to receive an award during the next year. The lists shall be sent to each club asking for corrections and additions and a presentation date.  BACK