Nova Scotia Scots On-Line !!

Several clan societies within Nova Scotia are coming online, and submitting information to augment their home pages. Why don't you?

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We define Nova Scotia as the territory it encompassed when founded by Sir William Alexander in the early 1600s, viz what is known today as the Maritime provinces.

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This web site is specifically for Scots and the Scottish clans in Nova Scotia. There are many clan web sites for American clans, and one in Canada which holds information with predominantly American content. We live and operate in New Scotland (in Jacobean Latin, Nova Scotia). This web site is for us.

Material Appropriate for a Clan Homepage

No one clan is the same as any other clan, and the information that each clan feels appropriate for its own homepages will vary greatly. Some general guidelines may be helpful.

Structure of a Clan Home Page

Information Provided for each Clan Home Page

Information From Clan Society, or Clansfolk, for Homepage

Information From Clan Society, or Clansfolk, for Main Website

Copyright Concerns: Not to be Ignored!

We do hesitate to put detailed personal information including home addresses on the web. Remember, anyone can and is reading this, for a wide variety of purposes, mostly entirely honourable and innocent. But, all it takes is one person, perhaps hoping to enter Canada illegally, to create a lot of pain and trouble for that individual. Please, let us avoid exposing any of our clansfolk to that. The Public Archives will not release vital statistics until they are 100 years old. Let us use that as a cautionary guide, though it may not be necessary to follow it strictly to the 100 years in each circumstance. Tread wisely, with caution.

Having paid proper attention to copyright and security issues, let's step forward boldly, develop our individual clan homepages, and have good fun doing it.

One last word. We do, as do magazines and etc., reserve the right to edit any text submitted, or refuse any material which is deemed inappropriate for a website dedicated to New Scotland (Nova Scotia).

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