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Chebucto Plus  
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What is Chebucto Plus?

          Chebucto Plus is the full Internet access service of the Chebucto Community Net, a not-for-profit network based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. You can use web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and a host of other programs to access information in any form currently available on the Internet.

          Chebucto Plus access is available as a 56 K dialup connection to the Internet and as Chebucto Wireless highspeed Internet. Both require a Chebucto Plus membership for full access to services. For more information on Chebucto Wireless highspeed Internet access, click here.

          If you are unfamiliar with these terms and the Internet in general, you should read the Chebucto Community Net Internet Guide and Tutorial.

          This full Internet access is available to Chebucto Community Net users with a Chebucto Plus Membership in the Chebucto Community Net Society. We also offer a Chebucto Plus Family membership which gives email accounts to up to six family members and gives one Chebucto Plus full access account (56K dialup or Chebucto Wireless Full Access).

          The Chebucto Community Net, or CCN, is dedicated to providing Internet access to all people, regardless of financial or other barriers. A Chebucto Plus Membership is necessary for us to be able to afford to supply this service. The traditional CCN text-only access will continue to be available to all and Chebucto Plus Members may take heart in knowing that they are helping to make this possible.

          Chebucto Plus 56K dialup operates on a time-quota system similar to the system in use on the CCN text service. Chebucto Plus service time quotas only come into effect when all Plus phone lines are in use at once, which is an extremely rare occurence. A minimum session time of forty five (45) minutes is guaranteed with longer session times guaranteed at lower usage times of day. In the rare situation that time quotas needed to be enforced, the four or five accounts with current connections most over their guaranteed session time would be bumped off in order to allow others a chance to access the system, but they would be free to dial back in again with no blackout period. There are no time quotas on the Chebucto Wireless service

          There are currently no monthly limits on hours used for either service.

          Unlike Chebucto's text-based service, where all the files and programs are on a remote computer, Chebucto Plus programs run on your own home computer. Your text-based CCN account is still there and can be accessed with a telnet or an SSH (encrypted telnet) program using Chebucto Plus to connect with.




System Requirements:

PC Computers:
PC Hardware PC Software

Apple Macintosh Computers:
System Requirements




PC Hardware Requirements

          While a variety of PCs including 286 models may be able to access Chebucto Plus, we recommend the following for minimum hardware:

  • 80486 Microprocessor, preferably DX (with math co-processor).
    • A Pentium class Microprocessor is recommended.
  • 8 Mb of RAM
    • 1 GB of RAM or better is recommended.
  • 14.4 K modem.
    • 56 K hardware modem is recommended.
  • A wireless 802.11g network adaptor is required to use Chebucto Wireless highspeed access.

          Hard-wired telephone service (not cell phone) is required to use the Chebucto Plus 56 K dialup service.



PC Software Requirements

          While there are a wide variety of Operating Systems and software packages which may access Chebucto Plus, we offer support and/or software for the following:

We do not officially support Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Linux, among other Operating Systems, but it is certainly possible to connect to the Chebucto Plus service using them with the correct settings.

In addition, you will need or want these programs:

  • A PPP dialer such as Trumpet Winsock for Windows 3.x or Dial Up Networking (which is included with Windows 9x, ME, XP and Vista).
  • A graphical web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • An IMAP or POP3 type email program if you wish to access your CCN mailbox through Chebucto Plus. Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla SeaMonkey can do this, as can programs such as Eudora and Pegasus Mail.
  • A Usenet News reader program if you wish to access the Chebucto Usenet server through Chebucto Plus. Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla SeaMonkey and Internet Explorer can do this also, as can programs such as Free Agent.
  • An SSH program such as Putty or the Telnet program included with Windows 9x, ME and XP if you wish to access the regular Chebucto service through Chebucto Plus. We recommend encrypted SSH connections using a program such as Putty.
  • An RSS newsreader program such as RSS Owl if you want to stay on top of major news and software updates using Chebucto's RSS news feed.
  • An FTP program such as Filezilla or WS-FTP if you wish to upload and download files to and from remote computers.