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Bucky Adams LP Cover
Artist: Bucky Adams and Basin Street
Album: At Privateers' Warehouse
Released: 1976
Label: Solar ES-1010

1) Basin Street Blues (Spencer Williams/Edwin H Morris)
2) Bucky's Blues (Basin Street)
3) Feelings (Morris Albert)
4) Middle Deck (Basin Street)
5) Misty (Erroll Garner)

1) Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers)
2) I'd Like To Make It With You (David Gates)
3) Afro Minor (Basin Street)
4) I Can't Get Started (Ira Gershwin/Vernon Duke)
5) Don't Get Around Much Anymore (D Ellington/S K Russell)
6) Basin Street (Spencer Williams)

Bucky Adams (Tenor Saxophone), Gordon Fader (Keyboards), Tom Gibson (Drums, Percussion, Vocals), Ernie Reti (Bass)

(Plus) Garth Proude (Bass), Russ Brannon (Guitar)

With You LP Cover
Artist: Band of Gold
Album: With You
Label: Great Eastern Production Co. AA-1216 (Band production)

1) With You
2) Steppin Out
3) Love Will Keep Us Together
4) Carry Me Away
5) Midnight Blue

1) Dancing Party
2) Best Of My Love
3) Lovin You
4) Good Times

Marg MacNutt (Lead & Background Vocals), Don Barkhouse (Guitar, Lead & Background Vocals), Rick Barton (Drums), Steve Bigelow (Bass), Robin Foley (Keyboards, Vocals), Bruce Rand (Saxophone, Vocals), Paul Rand (Saxophone)

Tomorrow LP Cover
Artist: The Battery
Album: Tomorrow
Released: 1981
Label: RIO 1019
Notes: In 2006, the album was reissued on CD with two live bonus tracks. See the CD section for more information.

1) In It Together (Aker/Amason/Billard/Hann/Jessome)
2) Another Man (Robertson)
3) Route 66 (Troup)
4) Inverness Beach (Billard)

1) Tomorrow (Aker/Amason)
2) Bar Band Widow (Dubinsky)
3) Dust My Broom (James)
4) Thoughts of Yesterday (Aker/Amason/Hann/Jessome)
5) Sail Away (Aker/Amason/Hann/Billard/Jessome)

Ian Aker (Flute, Lead Vocal, Percussion), Jimmy Amason (Guitars, Percussion), Owen Hann (Bass), Colonel Jessome (Drums, Percussion, Vocals), Ross Billard (Keyboards, Guitar, percussion)

Brothers and One LP Cover
Artist: Brothers and One
Album: Brothers and One
Label: AUDAT 477-9038

1) Death Chant (MacDonald/MacKinnon/White/Feltrin)
2) Mad Mortician (MacDonald/MacKinnon/White/Feltrin)
3) La La Song (MacDonald/MacKinnon/White/Feltrin)
4) Pluto (White)
5) Praise (MacDonald/MacKinnon/White/Feltrin)

1) Funky Drive Train (MacDonald/MacKinnon/White/Feltrin)
2) Sue Brown (MacDonald/MacKinnon/White/Feltrin)
3) People (White/MacDonald)
4) Joni Agustine (Chambers)
5) Crown (MacDonald)

Kenny MacDonald (organ), Kirk MacDonald (sax, vocals), Robert MacKinnon (drums) Richard MacKinnon (bass, vocals), Gary White (guitar, vocals), Anthony Feltrin (vocals)

Looking In LP Cover
Artist: The Brunswick Playboys
Album: Looking In On The Brunswick Playboys
Released: 1965
Label:Excellent Recording Co. ESP-109

1) On The Outside Looking In
2) Railroad Tracks
3) Flowers On The Wall
4) That's The Way I Feel
5) Second To None
6) Need You

1) Nothin's Changed
2) It's Only Love
3) Walk In The Black Forest
4) Follow The Sun
5) Heart
6) Wasting My Time

Roger Cormier (Bass), George Hebert (Guitar, Organ, Harmonica), Gerry Holley (Vocals), Bob Bourgeois (Drums)

Buddy LP Cover
Artist: Buddy & The Boys
Album: Buddy
Released: 1977
Label:Shagrock SAR-2019
Notes: In 1999, the album was reissued on CD with several bonus tracks from the Live At The Moon LP. See the CD section for more information.

1) Turn This Train Around (Dubinsky)
2) Can't Take Doin' Time (Dubinsky)
3) Goodbye Gotham City (Dubinsky)
4) Kissin' The Causeway (Dillon/Lamey/MacDonald/Dubinsky)
5) Love The Night Away (Dubinsky)
6) Open Your Heart (MacDonald/Palen/Dubinsky)

1) Don't Fool Yourself (Dubinsky)
2) Daylight Babe (Dubinsky)
3) Josephine (Dubinsky)
4) Workin' At The Woolco (Manager Trainee Blues) (Harley/Dillon/Dubinsky)
5) Gypsy Man Me (Dubinsky)

Max MacDonald (Vocals), Leon Dubinsky (Keyboards, Guitar), Berkley Lamey (Bass), Ralph Dillon (Guitar, Keyboards), Ron Parks (Drums), Ronald MacEachern (Fiddle, Snore)

Bobby Woods (Drums), Enver Sampson (Harp), John Campbell (Guitar), Matt Minglewood (Organ), Marcel Doucet (Fiddle), Kenzie MacNeil (12 String), Donnie Palmer (Horns), Harold Tsistinas (Horns), Sam Moon (Vocals), Evelyn Dubinsky Carnat (Vocals), Carole Mann (Vocals), Jo-Anne Rolls (Vocals), Mary Thorne (Vocals), Luke Wintermans (Vocals), B.J. Davidson (Vocals), David Harley (Teeth)

Live From The Moon LP Cover
Artist: Buddy & The Boys
Album: Live From The Moon
Released: 1979
Label: Shagrock
Notes: Recorded at the Misty Moon Showbar in Halifax

1) The Drifter (Dubinsky)
2) Little River Blues (MacDonald)
3) The Animal I Am (Dubinsky)
4) Nellie (Dubinsky)
5) The Soreness of My Soul (Dubinsky)

1) More Wine (Dubinsky)
2) Train Part 3 (Dubinsky/MacDonald)
3) Everyday I Get The Blues (Peter Chapman)

Max MacDonald (Vocals), Leon Dubinsky (Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals), Berkley Lamey (Bass, Vocals), Ralph Dillon (Guitar, Piano), Ron Parks (Drums), Ron MacEachern (Violin, Vocals)

I Could Have Danced All Night LP Cover
Artist: Central Nervous System
Album: I Could Have Danced All Night
Released: 1968
Label: Music Factory (MGM) MFS-12003 (USA)
Notes: Major label release!

1) Comin' To Get Ya (Billard/Jollimore)
2) Undecided (Billard/Jollimore)
3) She's Everything Good To Me (Billard/Jollimore)
4) I'm My Own Keeper (Billard/Jollimore)
5) Sweet Hot Lucy (Billard/Jollimore)
6) Silence in my Room (Billard/Jollimore)

1) Why (Lonnie Mack)
2) It's So Hard (Billard/Jollimore)
3) Welcome Back Girl (Billard/Jollimore)
4) A Heart That's Cold (Billard/Jollimore)
5) Mystery Lady (Billard/Jollimore)

Keith Jollimore (Reeds), Bruce Cassidy (Trumpet), Richard Oakley (Bass), Jim White (Guitar), Jack S. Lilly (Drums), Doug Billard (Vocals)

Everyday People LP Cover
Artist: Everyday People
Album: Everyday People
Released: 1971
Label: GRT 9233-1002 (Canada)
Label: Paramount PAS 6021 (USA)
Notes: Major label release!
The album cover pictured above is the Canadian (GRT) pressing. The Paramount cover was slightly different in that the individual photos were surrounded by white boxes, instead of black ones.
The US artwork was utilized for a remastered CD version in 2003, and then again in 2004 with bonus tracks. For more information about the CD, see The CD section

Read about The OTHER Everyday People

Everyday People (U.S.) LP Cover

1) Everyday People (Sly Stone)
2) Travellin' (Wheaton)
3) I Get That Feeling (Wheaton/Marsh)
4) Music Man (Wheaton)
5) Experience in Love (Wheaton)
6) You Make Me Wonder (Wheaton)

1) I Like What I Like (Wheaton)
2) Don't Wait For Tomorrow (Wheaton)
3) Nova Scotia Home Blues (Wheaton/Marsh)
4) Girls (Wheaton)

Bruce Wheaton (Vocal, Lead & Rhythm Guitar)
Chris Paputts (Vocal, Guitar, Harp)
Pam Marsh (Vocal, Keyboard)
Dave Hare (Keyboards)
Al Muggeridge (Drums)
Carson Richards (Bass)

Doug Riley (Piano)
Wayne Boismier (Organ, Piano)
Dr. Music Horns

The DR in DR. MUSIC (aka Doctor Music) is Doug Riley (Doug Riley Music)!

Cameo LP Cover
Artist: Paul Lawson
Album: Cameo
Released: 1981
Label: Top Hat 333-01

1) Cameo
2) Find The Time
3) Take Those Tears
4) Clinical Dancer
5) It Took A Long Time

1) Morning Lazy
2) Show You How
3) Don't You Give Up On Love
4) Magic Was Loving You
5) 46 1/2
6) Alinor

Paul Lawson

Fate Is The Hunter LP Cover
Artist: Paul Lawson
Album: Fate Is The Hunter
Released: 1982
Label: Top Hat 333-02

1) Fate Is The Hunter (Lawson)
2) Nothing Less Than Love (Lawson)
3) Crazy Daisy (Lawson)
4) Without Your Love (Lawson)
5) Say Hello To Yesterday (Lawson)

1) Will It Ever Stop Raining (Lawson)
2) It Don't Matter (Lawson)
3) Hyperactive (Lawson)
4) No Asylum For The Queen (Lawson)
5) Morningstar (Lawson)

Paul Lawson (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Linn Drum programming)
Bryan Cable (Keyboards)
Kurt Haughn (Keyboards)
Mary Kelly (Vocals)

Together Again LP Cover
Artist: The Lincolns
Album: Together Again
Released: 1978
Label: Black Bear BBR 1003

1) Intro
2) Hold On I'm Coming (Hayes/Porter)
3) Cry To Me (Crane)
4) In The Midnight Hour (Pickett/Cropper)
5) She Is True (McKay)
6) Mustang Sally Part 1 (Rice)

1) Mustang Sally Part 2 (Rice)
2) Danny Boy (Boosey/Hawkes)
3) Knock on Wood (Floyd/Cropper)
4) House of the Rising Sun (A. Price)
5) I've Been Loving You Too Long (O. Redding)

Brian Chisholm (Bass), Layne Francis (Saxophone), Donnie Muir (Organ), Barry Ryan (Bass), Jack Lilly (Drums), Dick Snook (Sax), John Gray (Organ), Frank McKay (Vocals), Frank Mumford (Guitar), Rod Norrie (Drums)

Stolen Memories LP Cover
Artist: Frank MacKay
Album: Stolen Memories
Released: 1984
Label: Solar 3034 (Halifax)

1) I Don't Need That (MacKay)
2) Warm And Tender Love (Burger/Robinson)
3) How Come You Do Me Like You Do (MacKay/Henderson/Gallant)
4) Second Time Around (MacKay)
5) Love and Happiness (Green/Hodges)

1) Great Balls of Fire (Hammer/Blackwell)
2) Dreams To Remember (Redding)
3) I Believe This Time It Will Be Right (MacUmber/MacKay)
4) Danny Boy (Traditional)
5) Call Me The Breeze (Cale)

Frank MacKay (Vocals)

Cymbolic LP Cover
Artist: Madhash
Album: Cymbolic
Released: 1980
Label: Jupiter SAR-3005

1) Lonely Rider (Ledgerwood)
2) Taking The Long Way (Ledgerwood)
3) Wish 'em Well (Ledgerwood)
4) If You Had The Chance (Ledgerwood)

1) Gotta Ramble, Rock & Roll (Stanhope)
2) Tell Me, Tell Me (Ledgerwood)
3) The Day We Hit The U.S.A. (Ledgerwood)
4) I Must Be Crazy (Ledgerwood)
5) Turn Up That Rock'N'Roll (Ledgerwood)

Jim Ledgerwood (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Congas, Bass Pedals)
Gary Stanhope (Drums, Moog, Percussion, Vocals)

See the special tribute to Dutch Mason

Mason Chapman Band LP Cover
Artist: Mason Chapman Band
Album: Mason Chapman Band
Released: 1982
Label: CBC/M.C. Records RCI 539/MC1001

1) That's Enough
2) Just One Bullet
3) Sinners In Heaven
4) Flyin' High
5) Still Want You

1) To The City
2) Don't Ask About Love
3) On The Run
4) Isn't It A Mystery
5) It's Over

Doris Mason (Keyboards, Vocals), Bruce Chapman (Keyboards, Vocals), David Skinner (Drums, Vocals), Roger Arsenault (Bass, Vocals)

(plus) Mike Andrusyk (Bass), John Hollis (Saxophone), Georges Hebert (Guitar), Roger Simard (Percussion), Eugene Husaruk, Juan Fernandez, Denise Lupien, Luis Grinhauz (Violins), Guy Fouquet (Cello)

See the special tribute to Matt Minglewood

Molly Oliver LP Cover
Artist: Molly Oliver
Album: Molly Oliver
Released: 1978
Label: London DL 3023 (Canada)
Notes: Major label release!
The album has been remastered and issued on CD with bonus tracks. For more information about the CD see the CD section.

1) Hey There (Wheaton)
2) You Didn't Listen To Me (Wheaton)
3) Somebody New in My Eyes (Wheaton)
4) Carry On (S. Stills)

1) Greet Your Neighbor (Wheaton)
2) Where Do We Go (Wheaton)
3) Living a Dream (Wheaton)
4) Rock'N'Roll Music (Wheaton)

Bruce Wheaton (Vocal, Lead guitar, Congas)
Michael Leggat (Vocal, Keyboard)
Larry Maillet (Vocal, Rhythm guitar)
Carson Richards (Bass)
Ian MacMillan (Drums, Percussion)

(plus) Ken (Dutch) Schultz (Drums), Curt Haughn (Moog)

Molly Oliver EP Cover
Artist: Molly Oliver
Album: Molly Oliver
Released: 1982
Label: No Name Brand Records SAR-345E (Band production)
Notes: The lineup listed on the EP cover was the live performance lineup - not the actual recording musicians. The lineup listed to the right is the recording lineup.

1) Apology (Wheaton)
2) Greet Your Neighbour (Wheaton)

1) Go Back Home (Wheaton)
2) Somebody New in My Eyes (Wheaton)

Mike Leggatt (Vocal, Keyboard)
Ken Schultz/Terry Hopkins (Drums)
Larry Maillet (Guitar, Vocals)
Carson Richards/Weldon Hanson (Bass)
Bruce Wheaton (Vocals, Lead Guitar)

New Moon LP Cover
Artist: Sam Moon
Album: New Moon
Released: 1982
Label: Nova Records N689-007 (Halifax)
Notes: The LP was originally available in 2 colour schemes and was issued on CD by Sam in 2002 with a new design altogether. Please see the CD Section for more information.
New Moon LP Cover 2

1) Hostage (Moon)
2) See You Tonight (Moon)
3) Eclipse (Moon/Pat Riley)
4) You're An Angel (Moon/Jimmy Biondolillo)
5) Midnight Aire (Moon)

1) Dr. Rock & Roll (Moon)
2) Crowded Main (Moon/Peter Christakos)
3) Satisfaction Guarantee (Moon/Christakos/Hatty)
4) Midday Matinee (Moon)

Sam Moon (Lead vocals)
Brett Bezanson (Drums)
Kevin Obritsch (Bass)
Neil MacKinnon (Keyboards, Vocals)
Marcel Doucette (Fiddle)
Gary Hiltz (Guitar)
Helene Bolduc (Vocals)
Terry Hatty (Vocals)

Moonstruck LP Cover
Artist: Moonstruck
Album: Moonstruck
Released: 1976
Label: Lunatunes

1) Opus -1 (Wallingham)
2) Slidin' (Tucker)
3) Rondo in G Major (Wallingham)
4) Cog (Tucker)
5) My Mother Forgot To Tie My Shoes This Morning (Tucker)
6) Oceans Notions (Wallingham)

1) Dance of the Aardvarks (Tucker)
2) The Joker & The King (Wallingham)
3) Gord's Tune (Tucker)
4) Interlude in F Major (Wallingham)
5) A Space In Time (Tucker)
6) Invention (Wallingham)
7) Heather (Wallingham)

Daniel Iceton (Drums), William Wallingham (Guitar, Bass, Flute), Gordon Tucker (Guitar, Bass, Vocals)

Oakley LP Cover
Artist: Oakley
Album: Oakley
Released: 1979
Label: Nova N689-006 (Halifax)
Notes: The album was reissued on CD by the band. See the CD section for more information. The LP jacket was revised and reprinted in 1980 with new text.

1) Rock'N'Roll Gypsies (Oakley/Nicholson)
2) Guitar Man (Oakley)
3) Sticking With You (Oakley/Nicholson)
4) I Almost Call Your Name (Oakley)
5) Sidewinder (Oakley/Nicholson)

1) Don't Kick a Man (Oakley)
2) Good Rockin' Tonight (Oakley/Nicholson)
3) Ride Em Cowboy (Oakley)
4) To You (Oakley/Nicholson)
5) Runnin' Wild (Oakley/Nicholson)

Ritchie Oakley (Guitar), Wayne Nicholson (Lead Vocals), Bruce Dixon (Bass), Bill McCauley (Keyboards), Doug MacKay (Drums)

(plus) Terry Hatty (Vocals), Pat Riley (Harmonica), Mark Rivera (Saxophones)

You're My People LP Cover
Artist: Pepper Tree
Album: You're My People
Released: 1971
Label: Capitol ST-6364 (Canada)
Label: Capitol ST-848 (USA)
Notes: Major label release!
Joel Zemel is mistakenly credited with the guitar playing on American copies of the LP possibly because Jim White had left the band by the time the album was released there. The original Canadian pressing had no band members listed on the cover.
Canadian LP back

1) You're My People (Quinn/Garagan)
2) Carry On (Quinn/Garagan)
3) How Many Times (Quinn)
4) Try (Quinn/Garagan)
5) Airplane (Quinn/Garagan)

1) Oh Yeah (Quinn/Garagan/Jim White/Brockway)
2) Yellow Man (Quinn/Garagan)
3) Turn Around (Quinn/Garagan)
4) I Could Not Control It (Quinn/Garagan/White/Brockway)
5) From a Candle (Quinn/Garagan)
6) Workin' (Quinn/Garagan/White/Brockway)

Tim Garagan (Lead Vocals, Drums)
Bob Quinn (Keyboards)
Chris Brockway (Bass)
Jim White (Lead Guitar)
USA LP back

RAM LP Cover
Artist: RAM
Album: Soundtrack For Pegasus 1
Released: 1980
Label: Nova N689-005 (Halifax)

1) It Is Through You (Hatty)
2) Tension (Riley)
3) Love You Girl (Hatty, Christakos, Riley)
4) Let It Go (Hatty)

1) Party Downs (Hatty)
2) Outsider (Riley)
3) Blue Moon Man (Riley)
4) I Feel Your Pain (Hatty)
5) Give Your Love A Way (Hatty)

Terry Hatty (Vocals, Percussion), George Antoniak (Guitar), Pat Riley (Bass), Steve Naylor (Keyboards), Donnie Muir (Keyboards), Terry Silverlight (Drums)

(plus) Mark Rivera (Alto Sax), Doug Riley (Piano), Harvey Kogen (Soprano Sax), Laurel Black (Vocals), Terry Black (Vocals), Elaine Overholt (Vocals), Lynn Deragon (Vocals)

A Matter of Time LP Cover
Artist: Rox (Band)
Album: A Matter of Time
Released: 1984
Label: Great Big Rox RB1001 (Band production)
Notes: Keyboardist Dan Rydlewski sounded uncannily like Burton Cummings making a couple of the tracks sound like lost Guess Who songs!

1) A Matter of Time (Dobson/Rogers)
2) Any Way You Can (Rydlewski)
3) Scene of the Crime (Rydlewski)
4) So Right (Dobson/Rogers)
5) Let's Get Away (Dobson)

1) Shoot Out (Rydlewski)
2) Here Comes Trouble (Dobson)
3) Too Bad (Rydlewski)
4) Danger Zone (Dobson/Rogers)
5) One Day (Rydlewski)

Dan Rydlewski (Keyboards, Vocals)
Alan (Pookie) Westlake (Drums, Vocals)
David Dobson (Bass, Vocals)
Scott Rogers (Guitar, Vocals)

Shape Up or Ship Out LP Cover
Artist: Snakeye
Album: Shape Up Or Ship Out
Released: 1979
Label: ABO WRC1-1020 (Band production)
Notes: In 2003, Allard released a 2CD set containing most of the tracks from the two Snakeye albums along with several previously unreleased tracks. See the CD section for more information.
Album cover was very reflective making it difficult to reproduce here.

1) Here I Go Again (Barkhouse/MacKinnon/Russell/Lake)
2) Walk It Off (Barkhouse)
3) Just A Feeling (Barkhouse/S Brown/K Umphrie/C Upshaw)
4) Reaching Out (Barkhouse/Lake)
5) See The Son (Barkhouse/J White)

1) Believe Me Lady (Barkhouse/White)
2) Looking Through A Window (Barkhouse/Umphrie/Upshaw/Brown)
3) Shape Up (Or Ship Out) (Barkhouse/T Argent)
4) I'm Coming Home (Barkhouse/Umphrie)

Allard Barkhouse (Lead Vocals, Drums)
Steve Russell (Vocals, Bass)
Drew Moore (Guitar, Vocals)
John Lake (Guitar, Vocals)

Neil MacKinnon (Keyboards)
Glen Torreson (Guitar)

Blue Feelin' LP Cover
Artist: Snakeye
Album: Blue Feelin'
Released: 1975
Label: Big Harolds BH1003
Notes: Tracklisting on the LP sleeve was incorrect. Songs were in a different sequence and a song called "Rock and Roll Man" was listed on Side 1. The band members had changed drastically by the time the album was released. The new members were credited although they had not played on it - Steve Brown (Guitar), Steve Russell (Bass, Guitar, Vocals) Cedric Upshaw (Guitar, Vocals)
Album was released on local label but single was put out by United Artists.

1) See The Sun (White/Barkhouse)
2) Blue Feelin' (Snakeye)
3) Choked Up (Snakeye)
4) Something To Believe In (Argent/Barkhouse)
5) I'm Coming Home (Barkhouse/Umphrie)

1) Woman in Love Is A Woman Insane (Umphrie/Barkhouse)
2) Someone (Argent/Barkhouse)
3) Believe Me Lady (White/Barkhouse)
4) I Can Stand (White/Barkhouse)
5) Boogaty Shoot (White/Argent/Barkhouse)

Jim White (Guitar)
Tony Argent (Guitar)
Ken Umphrie (Bass, Vocals)
Allard Barkhouse (Drums, Vocals)

Dave Wells and the Four Winds LP Cover
Artist: Dave Wells and The Four Winds
Album: Dave Wells and The Four Winds
Released: 1969
Label: Paragon ALS-260 (Halifax)
Notes: Recorded March 8, 1969 at CBC Studios, Halifax. Produced by Keith Jollimore

1) My Whole World Ended
2) Season of the Witch
3) Wichita Lineman
4) Traces
5) Poppa's Got A Brand New Bag/Uptight/I Feel Good/I Got The Feelin'

1) Gimme a Little Skin
2) I Who Have Nothing
3) Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
4) Does Your Mother Know About Me
5) Galveston
6) The Letter

Dave (Davy) Wells (Vocals),

Fluid Drive LP Cover
Artist: Willy Hop
Album: Fluid Drive
Released: 1985
Label: Solar SAR-A-014 (Halifax)

1) Hold It Right There (Terry/Grey/Vinson)
2) You Don't Have To Go (Reed)
3) Ranky Tanky (Newell)
4) Work Song (Briand/Coyle)
5) Hop & Jump (Donoghue)

1) Let The Good Times Roll (Theard/Moore)
2) I Got You (Brown)
3) Don't Say No, Say Maybe (Briand/Wenham)
4) I Need You Tonight (McRae/Singleton)

Bill Briand (a.k.a. Willy Hop) (Vocals, Guitars, Harp), Glen Wenham (Guitar), Eric Allen (Piano), Blair Seaboyer (Bass), Ian O'Donnell (Drums), Bob Bruce (Tenor Sax, Vocals), Jackie Dunsworth (Alto Sax), Therese Dube (Vocals), Kelly Anderson (Vocals), Michael Coyle (Vocals)

Rainbows, Dreams & Fantasies LP Cover
Artist: Zylan
Album: Rainbows, Dreams & Fantasies
Released: 1973
Label: Columbia ES-90235 (Canada)
Notes: Major label release!
The album was also recorded in French (see next entry).

1) Darlin' (Bolduc/Fraser)
2) New Day (Pelletier)
3) Been So Long (Bolduc/Tsistinas)
4) Back To The Country (Fraser/Murphy/Bolduc)
5) Dreams and Fancies (Edgar & Gordon Tweedy)

1) One Life (Tsistinas/Renaud)
2) Back To Yesterday (Floyd King)
3) No Need (Hann/Bolduc/Pelletier)
4) Get On Down (Tsistinas/Murphy/Renaud/Bolduc)
5) Rainbow Highway (Murphy)

Peter Fraser (Keyboards), Donnie Hann (Bass), Blaine Murphy (Guitar), Helene Bolduc (Vocals), Andy Davis (Drums), Real Pelletier (Vocals), Harold Tsistinas (Saxophone), George Wilson (Trumpet), Dave Miller (Sax)

La Difference LP Cover
Artist: Zylan
Album: La Difference
Released: 1973
Label: Columbia FS-90244 (Canada)
Notes: Major label release!
The album was also recorded in English (see previous entry).

1) Ma Promesse (Bolduc/Fraser)
2) Le Depart (Pelletier)
3) Reflexion (Pelletier/Tsistinas)
4) De L'Interieur (Fraser/Murphy/Pelletier)
5) Mes Reves Et Mes Songes (Pelletier/Edgar Tweedy)

1) Heavy (Tsistinas/Pelletier)
2) Souvenirs (Pelletier/Floyd King)
3) Par Toi (Hann/Pelletier)
4) Le Changement (Tsistinas/Murphy/Bolduc)
5) Vivre (Pelletier/Murphy)

Peter Fraser (Keyboards), Donnie Hann (Bass), Blaine Murphy (Guitar), Helene Bolduc (Vocals), Andy Davis (Drums), Real Pelletier (Vocals), Harold Tsistinas (Saxophone), George Wilson (Trumpet), Dave Miller (Sax)

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