LAT/LNG: Right-Click map  
SHOW/HIDE: Click marker  
ZOOM IN/OUT: Right-Click marker  
ZOOM IN/OUT: Click track  
GPX Distance:   (kms)

Download GPX     Link URL
Click HELP again to drop this HELP screen

MouseOver any Marker   to show the hike name & distance
Click on any Marker   to show the hike GPX. Click marker again at any time to drop GPX
Click on any GPX path   to Zoom In. Click again at any time to Zoom Out

Download the GPX for the current hike with the  

You can Show / Hide the Elevation graph
Use the Color buttons to change the track color of the currently selected hike
You can cycle thru a variety of Map Types...Like OSM-Cycle and Satellite

If you mouse over Elevation graph, icon will show that location on the track
On iPad/Mobile, you click one spot at a time on the elevation graph