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Point Pleasant Park
>Shubie Canal by Moonlight
White Mountain Hiking Adventure
Hiking the Whites
Hiking in the Whites
The Bluff Wilderness Hike
Hemlock Ravine Park
Boxing Day Hike
Appalachian Trail - Buck&Fleur
Warnica's Highland Way
Jerome in Switzerland
Chilcoot Pass
Hike the Whites
PEI Gonzo in the Whites
Remembrance Day Keji
Full Moon Hike
Vancouver Island Walkabout
Hike the Whites
Scotland - West Highland Way
Remembrance Day Hike
Pennant Point Hike
Boxing Day Hike
Full Moon Hike - Fenerty Lake
Jim O'Brien's Trek
Murphy in Ireland
Hiking The Whites
Gregor in Gros Morne
Remembrance Day Hike
Boxing Day Hike
This Ain't Friction - Ice Climbing
Jack's Lake overnite
Easter Monday Hike
Presidential Hike
Remembrance Day - Keji
Boxing Day Hike
Grand Canyon Trip
Munroe Day Hike,Taylor's Head
Easter Monday Hike
Chignecto Hike
Baxter State Park
PEI Gonzos in the Whites
Cape Split Hike
Remembrance Day in Keji
Web Wench Keji Adventure#2
Boxing Day Hike
Boxing Day Hike
Skull Rock Hike
Remembrance Day Keji Hike
Grayhounds at Katahdin!
Gonzos & Grayhounds "The Farm"
On the Appl - Sun god
Hike Pennant Point
Jack's Lake Winter Camping
Taylor's Head Hike
'Because it's there'
Chignecto - Sun god
FatBoy slim? - Sun god
Approach This! - Dipper
100m Wilderness - Viking
A Hiking we will go...Gregor
Mt Washington - Mae West
Easter Hike - Dipper
Boxing day Hike
Gros Morne - Gonzo North
Davis Pond Retreat - Dipper
Mahoosuc Adventure - Sun god
Hiking Cinque Terre - Geezer
saR Challenge - Viking
Amethyst Cove - Mitchells
Emergency Procedures - Dipper
Winter @ Jack's Lake
Taylor's Head Hike - PR
Winter Hike @ Kedgie - Sun god
Moon Toboggan - Sun god
Boxing Day Hike - Sun god
The Presidentials - Mae West
Paddle/Hike/Run - Viking
Paddle/Hike - Sun god
Trek Around Kedgie - Selling Hfx
Trek Around Kedgie - Sun god
Laurie Park Moon Hike - Sun god
Keji Hike - Selling Hfx
Gros Morne Long Trail - Popeye
Long Lake Moon Hike - Sun god
Newbies Meet the Gonzos
Gaspe - PIGS Can Fly - Dipper
Gaspe Full Moon - Sun god
Katahdin - Medical Report
Katahdin - Popeye
Katahdin - BaxterPk39
Katahdin - Quebecois
Katahdin - Sun god
3 Fathom Hrbr Moon Hike
Cape Split - Helga
Cape Split Hike - Pack It In...
Night Hike - Skull Rock
Moon Hike Duncan's Cove
Rocky Lake - Sun god
Moon Hike Rocky Lake
Munro Day Taylor's Head - Helga
Moon Hike - Long Lake - Geezer
Winter Hike Kedgie - Viking
Kedgie Fire Tower - Pack It In...
Jack's Lake - Sun god
Winter Hike, NH - Mae West
Duncan's Cove - Bushwhacker
Duncan's Cove Full Moon
Lawrencetown Full Moon
Bedford Full Moon - Sun god
Gaspe - Sun god
Lafayette Full Moon - Scrounger
Lafayette Full Moon - Mime
Lafayette Full Moon - LeadFoot
Lafayette Full Moon - Sun god
Lafayette Full Moon - Low Maint
Mahoosuc - Viking
Blue Mountain - Sun god
Fishing Cove - Sun god
Chignecto - Dipper/Sophie
Chignecto - Rocket Ronnie
Cape Split - Pack it in...
Duncan's Cove - Pack it in...
Blue Mountain - Pack it in...
Munro Day - Dipper
Moon Hike - Pack it in..
Chignecto - Dipper
Katahdin - Dipper
Gros Morne - Dipper
Presidential - Dipper
The Dobson Trail


Battle of the Two B's
Run Up Mount Washington
Not Since Moses Run
Geezer Mile - YouTube
Brian MacDougall runs in Egypt
Trail Gonzo pics/writeup
ChrisH Runs Up Mt Washington
Geezer Mile
Geezer Mile
Dartmouth Natal Day
Gonzos at RumRunners
Blue Nose ½-Marathon (Wayne Banks)
Geezer Mile
Rum Running Gonzos
NYC Marathon - Wayne Banks
Running - RumRunner Relay
Running - Cabot Trail Relay
RumRunner Relay - Sun god
A Gonzo Runner is Born... - Imax
Geezer Mile Basking - Gregor
Rum Runners - Caymans
Gonzo Goes to Disney - Goat
HashHarrier Red dress - 3Skin
Hfx to Lunenburg Relay - Geezer
The Race - Viking
The Race - Gregor
Run Around Kedgie - Dipper
Rum Runner Ultra Writeup - Sun god
Big Apple'95
Buckle-Up in Vermont
Gonzo Miles - Lorenzo


Levys Live To Tell The Tale
Harbour Race Around Georges Island
Yukon 1000 Canoe Race
Monthly Paddle
Easter bike/hike/paddle
Kenduskeag Race
Paddle Big Dam/Frozen Ocean
Kenduskeag Race
Paddle the Wildcat with Imax
Gonzos at Kenduskeag
Easter Saturday Paddle
Tobeatic Canoe Trip
Hayes River
Canoe Sale at Old Town
Easter Saturday Paddle
ABC Tandem Flatwater Clinic
Bonaventure River Run
CDN Marathon Canoe Nationals
Birch Cove Lakes Paddle
McGrath Cove Kayaking
Kenduskeag Race
Mackro page
Martha's Vineyard
Zac & Kip Tour Cape Breton
Sheet Harbour Relay
Pedal/Paddle/Plod Relay
Sea-kayaking to PEI - OB
Sea-kayaking in Lahavre - Viking
Pugwash Orienteering - Viking
Elmsdale Relay
Moon Paddle - Grand Lake
Helga's Birthday Paddle - Marina
Victoria Day Paddle
12km Annapolis River
Kenduskaeg - Bangor Daily News
Canoe Buying Spree - Gregor
Easter Paddle - .5
Paddle to the EggRoll - Viking
New Year's Paddle - Sun god
On The Sea - Helga
Wallace River - Rocket Ronnie
Stewiacke Paddle - Popeye
Annapolis River Race - Sun god
V-Day PPP Relay - Geezer
Kenduskeag - Rocket Ronnie
Shubie River - radio goddess
Polar Bear Swim/Canoe
Paddle/Hike/Run - Viking
Paddle/Hike - Sun god
Keji Paddle - Dipper
Paddle FROM the Sea - Sun god
Frederiction Race - Sun god
World Marathon Canoe - Dipper
Nat's Marathon Canoe - Popeye
Gonzo Tri Team - Popeye
Kayak to PEI - Popeye
Enforcement Challenge - Viking
Tall Ships Weekend - Dipper
La Have Sea Kayaking - Viking
Lake Thomas Canoeing - Sun god
Paddle/Hike - Sun god
Paddle/Hike/Run - Viking
Kenduskeag Kayaking - Dipper
Kenduskeag Challenge - Sun god
Kenduskeag Canoe - Sun god
Kenduskeag - Scrounger
Polar Bear Swim/Paddle - Sun god


Bike the Magdalenes
Group Bike Ride
Aspotagan Bike Ride
Aspotagan Bike Ride #3
First group bike ride
Maine Bike Ride
The Great Gonzo Escapade
Good Friday bike ride
The Gaspe Bike Trip re-visited
Good Friday Bike Ride to the Big Stop
Aspotaghan Ride
Tour De Freddie
Rocket Ronnie's Bat Ride
Jerome has a new camera!
Good Friday Bike - Geezer
Good Friday Bike - Helga
Cabot Trail - Rocket Ronnie
Biking - Ireland - Helga
Biking Endfield - Helga
Biking Lawrencetown - Helga
Biking the Aspotagan - Sun god
Elmsdale Biking - Viking
Good Friday Bike - Sun god
Aspotagan Bike - Sun god
FairWeather Bike - Helga
Big Stop Bike - Selling Hrm
Biking C2C - Cross Canada
Pee Wee's Adventure - Lorenzo
Aspotagan Biking - Sun god
Aspotagan Biking - Sun god
Peggy's Cove Biking - Gregor
Good Friday Bike - Sun god
Porter's Lake Swamp - Dipper
Aspotagan - Bruhmmeister
Peggy's Cove - Sun god
Spider Lake - Dipper
New Hampshire - Dipper
Cabot Trail - Dipper
Blomidon - Dipper
Cabot Trail - Dipper
Last Few Years Misc

Three Mile Cabin History
GPX Viewer
Gideon & Poppy Build a Canoe
Password Strength
Dipper Travel Map
Gonzo Travels Map
Costa Rica Adventure
Generate Packing Lists
Sue's UNESCO Map
NS Brewery Map
Jerome's Beer Map
Levy Cruiser Map
Gonzo Stats
Generate Hike/Bike GPX
Gypsum Caves


I'm Mike...from Doha
Two Superbowl Get-Togethers
Murphy walks to PEI
2009 Canada Day
Murphy has Left The Province
BC - The Bruhms
Alaska - The Bruhms
AGM and Feeding Frenzy
Report from PEI Gonzos
Weight Challenge
Balloon Fiesta
Dipper in Boca Raton
Dipper's Cuba Caminar
Canada Day at the Marina
Build it and they will come
Yurt Workshop
Perry/Gilda in Arizona
Canada Day at the Marina
Volunteer in the Whites
Duffy's in Romania
Planning session and Pot Luck
Canada Day at the Marina
Like a Rolling Stone
Planning session and Pot Luck
Bob& Sue in New Zealand
Canada Day at the Marina
Mark Stein is 50!
Gonzos on Tour--Mt. Stewart
Gordon Turns 60
Bob&Sue Asian Journal #1
Bob&Sue Journal #2 (Ms-Word)
Goodbye from China! (Ms-Word)
Agm 2005
Sue Visits Japan 2005
Sue Leaves Japan 2005
Indoor Wall Climbing
Hawaiian Party
Gonzos in Italia/Greece
Robert & Sue: "Meet & Greet"
Duffy Cross Canada Trip
Ille Haut Trip
Mount Stewart Field Trip
The "Farm"
Gonzo 2004 Agm
Gonzo 2003 Agm
Jerome's Hall of Fame
Gordon Warnica turns 58
Gregor Retires....Permanently
Canada Day at the Marina
Costa Rica - Rocket Ronnie
Goodbye Grayhounds
Costa Rica - Becky Jeppeson
Kirsten in New Zealand
Chris Hollebone Turns 60
Bryan's New Year Levee
New Year's Day Soireee
Misc - Sun god
Party - Norm turns 50! - Helga
Shawn Amirault - New Zealand
Baseball - Expo Rally - Viking
Orienteeering - Search & Rscue
Ross in Hong Kong
Oh! What a Night! - Helga
Rum Runner History - Geezer
Bangor Road Trip - Gregor
Polar Bear Swim/Canoe - Sun god
Olive Oyl Goes West - Popeye
Gonzi In Italia - Lorenzo
Dennis In Italia
Pro-Boat Recovery - Viking
Martha's Wineyard
Hong Kong - Kirsten
Paddle/Hike/Run - Viking
Trek Around Kedgie - Selling Hfx
Trek Around Kedgie - Sun god
Tall Ships Weekend - Dipper
New Glasgow - Low Maintenance
Expatriat Rant - Lorenzo
Paddle/Hike - Sun god
Annual Polar Bear Swim/Paddle
Planning Session - Sun god
Agm - Sun god
Navigation Course - Helga
The Warnica Syndrome
Polar Bear Swim - Dipper
Chronic Fatigue - Dipper

Multi-Sport Relay

PPP Relay 2007
PPP Relay 2006
Quad 2006 2006
PPP Relay 2005
PPP Relay 2004
PPP Relay 2003
Sheet Harbour Relay 2002
PPP Relay 2002
Pugwash Orienteering 2002
Elmsdale Relay 2002
PPP Relay 2001
Gonzo Tri Team - Popeye 2000

Reddress/black Tie Forays

Gregor Retires..Permanently 2003
The Lovely Anne Turns 50 2002
George Whalen's 2002
Acadia Bulmer Gonzos 2001
Tall Ships Red dress Run 2000

Barbarian Replicas

Cabot Trail 2005
Cabot Trail 2004
Cabot Trail 2003
Cabot Trail 2002
Cabot Trail 2001
Cabot Trail 2000
Cabot Trail 1999
Cabot Trail 1998

Polar Bear Swims

Polar Bear Swim 2003
Polar Bear Swim 2001
Polar Bear Swim 2000
Polar Bear Swim 1999


Kenduskeag - Bangor 2005
Trevor aka "MediaMan" 2005
Kenduskeag - Bangor 2004
Quad - Halifax 2004
Kenduskeag - Bangor 2003
Quad - Worlds 2003
Kenduskeag - Bangor 2002