Follow Roads ON OFF  
LAT/LNG: Right-Click  
*** Cue Sheet code is early Beta. Gets messed up in off-road
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This program lets you create GPX routes for hiking and biking

Use the Search to go anywhere to start
Use the Reverse Geocode to look up lat/lang values like 44.681096, -63.57931

Use Follow Roads....with it set to off for any off-road routes
Use SHIFT quickly move from Follow Roads OFF and ON

Once you are happy with your on Export GPX
The filename will be gonzo_pin.gpx

Right-Click to see your Lat/Lng & Elevation at any location

You can Show / Hide the Elevation Graph

You can cycle thru a variety of Map Types...Like OSM-Cycle and Satellite
If you mouse over Elevation graph, icon will show that location on the track
On iPad/Mobile, you click one spot at a time on the Elevation Graph