• Result will show up in the Password Checker...where you can modify and test it as you like.


Psw Strength


  • Test any Password to see how secure it is.


  • All this code is JavaScript and runs only in your Browser...does not talk to any servers.
  • Don't have your email password same as bank or social media passwords
  • Lowercase l and uppercase I look the same in some browsers

  • If your password gets picked off a large retail site, they try to hack it with Brute Force and Dictionary attacks
  • A password that meets the above criterion would takes months to crack with Brute Force
  • The hackers will just pick off the less secure ones that crack the first day

  • If you have an embedded dictionary word (ie: Password) or a substituted one (ie: Pa$$w0rd) ...
    •     Your password will be cracked in moments rather than months
  • This program does NOT use a server, just runs in your Browser, so can't do dictionary checks
  • So, if you use embedded dictionary words, that is on you

  • This is generally how I make secure can make up your own set of connections

  • I have a mnemonic (ie: Bananas) for each password...and a related happy that everyone likes to eat bananas
  • Pick the first letter off each word...bhtelteb
  • Captitalize the first vowel...bhtElteb
  • Add a Number that matches the position of the Capital...bhtElteb4
  • Add a Number for the count of the phrase characters...bhtElteb48
  • Add a Number(s) that is the addition of the prior two...bhtElteb4812
  • Add a Symbol ...!@#$%^&*() that matches the position of the Capital...bhtElteb4812$

  • If you remember the phrase, you can work out the Capital, Numbers and Symbol from the phrase itself