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Jan. 1 - Polar Bear Swim/Canoe(next year McNabs?)

Jan. 11,12 - 3rd Annual Winter hike in KEJI. 20km to Fire Tower


April 10 8:00 am - Waverly, 1st official team bike ride of the year. Out to Big Stop for breakfast. 27 miles return. We will continue to mee each weekend, adding 5/8 miles each week till we get to 55. Different routes each week.

April 11 7:30 am - 7th Annual Meandering Canoe trip on Subenacadie of 1, 2, or 4 hours. Your choice. Big Stop for breakfast and then away we go.

April 18,19,20 - 3rd Annual white water canoe race on the mighty Kenduskaeg River, Bangor, ME


May ?? - Chinese Pigout and IMAX Everest.

May 16,17,18 - 2nd Annual long weekend hike.

-35 to 50 km "backpack" around the "NEW" Cape Chignecto Trail (so new it doesn't open until this summer. Travel to start Fri pm, hike Sat-Mon and home. Carry your house with you. Confirmed Bruce D., Bruce M., Gordon, Chris, and Greg V.(the Dobson 5) with maybes Normie, Claudia, Phil Dyer and "new" Gonzo wannabes Sandy Dyer and Sir Richard Cameron.

May 22,23,24 - The 11th Annual Cabot Trail Relay


June 6 - Understand there is a PEI Bridge walk again this year. Any interest. Combine with a bike/camp weekend somewhere?

June 19,20,21 - "THE KNIFE EDGE".Part II.To be detailed in separate flyer.


Aug. 22 - 3rd Annual Bike/Theatre Ride.

-Bikers Leave Sackville 7:00 pm, eating numerous times enroute to Wolville, shower at War Memorial, out to supper, and then to the Atlantic Film Festival play of choice at 8:00 pm. This year The Matchmaker, each is required to make their own reservations. (1-800-337-6661) Non Bikers drive down in pm, meeting at gym.


-9 days on the Long Trail in Vermount, including Mount Mansfield(4393), Camel's Hump(4083), and Killington(4235).3 days "PEAK" bagging in New Hampshire, opposite the Presidential Range, including Wildcat E(4041), Wildcat(4422), Carter Dome(4832),Hight(4675),S.Carter (4430) .Carter(4610), N.CArter(4610), Imp(4200), Moriah(4049) and Surprise(2194) -Please note each part of this trip requires carrying all your requirements and good weather is not guareenteed. -On the Long Trail our plans are to use local Adirondacks if space allows but tarps/tents would be carried in case. -The section in the "Whites" would be under the stars. -Confirmed Bruce D., Gordon, Greg, and Chris. -Ross is contemplating Vermount only -Bruce M. is thinking of NH only. -Claudia and Normie are just thinking.


Sept 26 - The 14th Annual Halifax to Lunenburg Relay Race.

Sept 27- Oct 04 - The 6th Annual Fall Bike Migration

-Day 1 Boat to Bar Harbour

-Day 2 Bike around Acadia(32km) 0r do a hike, then bike up Cadilac following with a free fall down Cadilac. -Off to Ellsworth, another 37 km

- Day 3 On to Rockland-104 km

-Day 4 On to Brunswick-100-110 km

-Day 5 On to Old Orchard, breakfast at LL Bean, with a swim at the days finish.

-Day 6 On to Kittery, through Kennebunkport, Wells Beach, and York Village.

-Day 7 Unknown route, decide in Kittery, north to Portland-Ferry leaves for Nouvelle Ecousse at 9:00 pm

-Day 8 Arrive in Yarmouth around 8:00 am, Sunday morning.


Nov 11 - 8th Annual run around KEJI. This will again include the 4th Annual ride through KEJI "support" bike ride and will hopefully have a 1 or 2 night canoe part.


Dec. 4 Hiking McNab's Island (Full Moon)

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