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Xmas Holidays Grand Canyon Trip
Jan.17 Saturday Indoor Wall Climbing

Feb.01 Sunday Super Bowl Chili Pary - Scrounger's @ 6:00 PM (rsvp)
Feb.06 Friday Munroe Day Hike,Taylor's Head
Feb.21 Saturday Overnight Hike, probably Powder Mill Trail
Feb.28 Saturday Hawaiian Party

Mar.06 Saturday Gonzo AGM for 2003
Mar.01 Monday Gonzos in Italia/Greece

Apr.03 Saturday Robert & Sue: "Meet & Greet"
Apr.09 Friday Canoe Sale at Old Town
Apr.09 Friday Good Friday Bike Ride to the Big Stop
Apr.10 Saturday Easter Saturday Paddle
Apr.12 Monday Easter Monday Hike
Apr.16-18 Fri-Sun Kenduskeag
Apr.25 Sunday Bike Ride to Elmsdale (Timmies, Fall River @ 8:00 AM)

May.05 Wednesday Duffy's Away Party @ 7:15. Bring something to share, hot dogs supplied
May.07-09 Fri-Sun Chignecto Hike
May.14 Friday ABC Tandem Flatwater Clinic
May.15 Saturday ABC Tandem Flatwater Clinic (Marina)
May.15 Saturday Annapolis River race
May.23 Sunday Blue Nose ½-Marathon (Wayne Banks)
May.24 Monday Queen Victoria paddle out to the Marina from Dartmouth
May.28-30 Fri-Sun Barbarian Replicas

June Few Weeks Duffy Cross Canada Trip
Jun.12 Saturday Canoe to the Sea race
Jun.17-20 Thu-Sun Baxter State Park
Jun.18-24 Fri-Thu Bonaventure River Run
Cime Adventure
Jun.26-27 Sat-Sun Ille Haut Trip

Jul.01 Thursday Canada Day at the Marina
Jul.04 Sunday Mersey River race
Jul.18 Sunday Geezer Mile
Jul.31 Saturday Nictaux River race

Aug.02 Monday Dartmouth Natal Day 6 mile road race
Aug.06-08 Fri-Sun Martha's Vineyard
Aug.13-15 Fri-Sun Mount Stewart Field Trip
Aug.19-22 Fri-Sun Canadian Marathon Canoe Nationals
Aug.20-21 Sat-Sun PEI Gonzos in the Whites

Sep.06 Mon Cape Split Hike
Sep.11 Saturday Trevor aka "MediaMan"
Sep.12 Sunday Aspotaghan Ride
Sep.14 Tuesday Birch Cove Lakes Paddle
Sep.18 Saturday Pedal/Paddle/Plod relay race
Sep.25 Saturday Rum Running Gonzos
Rum Runners Site
Sep.25 Saturday Fred Lynch race

Oct.03 Sunday "Run for the Cure" support
Oct.01-03 Fri-Sun Hike across Northern Cape Breton (Meat Cove) ** next spring
Oct.11-16 Fri-Wed The "Farm"
Oct.15-18 Fri-Mon Tour De Freddie

Nov.07 Sunday NYC Marathon - Wayne Banks
Nov.10-11 Wed-Thu Remembrance Day in Keji
Nov.27 Saturday Planning session and Pot Luck Feeding Frenzy

Dec.11-12 Sat-Sun Web Wench Keji Adventure#2
Dec.26 Sunday Boxing Day Hike
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