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Jan.01 Tuesday New Year's Day Paddle/Social - Sun god
Jan.13 Sunday Gonzo Goes to Disney - Goat
Jan.26 Saturday Oh! What a Night! - Helga
Jan.30 Wednesday Cayman Island Rum Runner Report - Caymanian Compass

Feb.01 Friday Skiing - Munroe Day at Martock
Feb Friday? The Lovely Anne Turns 50
Feb Wednesday Ross in Hong Kong

Mar.03 Saturday Paddle to the EggRoll - Viking
Mar.06 Wednesday Paddling - Marina
Mar.24 Sunday Running - Big Moose Run in Cow Bay
Mar.29 Friday Good Friday Bike - Sun god
Mar.30 Saturday Easter Paddle - .5

Apr.01 Monday Easter Hike - Dipper
Apr.06 Saturday Elmsdale Biking - Viking
Apr.12 Friday Old Town Daze - Gregor
Apr.13 Saturday Biking the Aspotagan - Sun god
Apr.20 Saturday Biking Lawrencetown - Helga
Apr.19-21 Fri-Sun Paddling the Kenduskaeg River Race - Bangor Daily News
Apr.27-28 Sat-Sun Orienteering - Search and Rescue 24 hour
Apr.28 Sunday Biking - Dollar Lake Loop

May.01 Wednesday Pedal/Paddle/Plod training session #1
May.05 Sun Biking Endfield - Helga
May.11 Saturday 12km Annapolis River
May.20 Monday Paddling - Victoria Day paddle from Banook to the Marina
May.25 Saturday Hiking - Mount Washington
May.24-26 Fri-Sun Barbarian Replicas
May.29-Jun.08 Wed-Sat Biking - Ireland

Jun.15-16 Sat-Sun Paddling - CANOE TO THE SEA-Shubie Canal System
Jun.19 Wednesday Helga's Birthday Paddle - Marina
Jun.21 Friday Moon Paddle - Grand Lake
Jun.22 Saturday Bike/Run/Paddle - Elmsdale Relay
Jun.30 Sunday Running - Bedford Days 5km road race
Jun.30 Sunday Paddling - 24 km Mersey River race

Jul.01 Monday Paddling - Paddle from Banook to the Marina
Jul.01 Monday Garden Party - Canada Day at the Marina
Jul.06 Saturday Paddling - Nictaux River Race
Jul.06-14 Sat-Sun Bike/Hike/Paddle/EAT - Robert & Sue's
Jul.13 Saturday Pugwash Orienteering
Jul.14 Sunday Geezer Mile Basking
Jul.26-28 Fri-Sun Baseball - Expo Rally, Montreal

Summer Sat-Sun Zac & Kip Tour Cape Breton
Aug.05 Mon A Gonzo Runner is Born.......
Aug.10 Sat Sea-kayaking in Lahavre
August 2002 Shawn Amirault - New Zealand
Aug.10 Sat Sea-kayaking to PEI
Aug.17 Saturday A Hiking we will go...
Aug.17 Saturday Sheet Harbour Relay
Aug.18 Sunday Paddling - Law Enforcement Race
Aug.19-23 Fri-Tue Paddle/Hike - Paddle or Hike around Grand Manan
Aug.24-31 Sat-Sat 100 mile Wilderness

Sep.07 Saturday Pedal/Paddle/Plod
Sep.07 Saturday Cabot Trail Challenge
Sep.28 Saturday Running - RumRunner Relay

Sep.29-Oct03 Sun-Thu White Mtns - Who is FatBoy Slim?
White Mtns - Approach This!
Oct.05-06 Sat-Sun Hiking - Chignecto
Oct.21 Monday Party - Norm turns 50!

Nov.16 Saturday SlideShow - Appalachian Trail 2002
Nov.16 Saturday 2003 Planning Session
Nov Sat-Sun Misc - Sun god

Dec.01-25 Sun-Wed Hibernating - I am all worn out!
Dec.26 Thursday Boxing Day Hike
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