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PPP Obituary

PLOD, P. P. September 2001-September 2007, Waverley.

It is with great disappointment that the Gonzo Adventure Club announces that Pedal--Paddle--Plod, better known simply as PPP, has passed away after seven years of struggles to grow. Cursed by spiralling upward insurance costs and spiralling downward participation, it was mercifully removed from it's IV tube and placed into a cryogenic state.

It was pre-deceased by a Great step-Uncle, the Modified Marathon (nee Chronicle Herald Modified Marathon), which the Gonzo Runners adopted, and put on life support in the 80's for a couple years before its demise.

It is survived by Grand Parents, the Rum Runners Relay and the Cabot Trail Relay, and will also be missed by the many Gonzos, whoever they may be.

The remains are scattered throughout the memories of all who have participated, with a few molecules held back, and buried in the..........................PPP Plot.

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