The Bluenose Jugglers


Although juggling and the circus arts do not have a long history in Nova Scotia, this seedling is definitely sprouting! The origins of our club are in a small group of jugglers, unicyclists, mimes and tightrope walkers who began to meet in 1982 under the auspices of Portable Mime Theatre. For the next several years jugglers continued to gather under the 'Juggle Jam' banner to teach each other new tricks and work together on routines. In time local performing groups like Fool's Paradise, Jest in Time and Just Us grew from these gatherings.

These days the club meets under the auspices of the YMCA and is know as the Bluenose Jugglers.

Visitors to the Club

Over the years the club has played host to many prominent teacher's and performers including the internationally acclaimed clown Bob Berkey, circus teacher Hovey Burgess, mime Don Reider, author Richard Dingman and others.

Circus Stars

Many internationally famous performing jugglers have visited Halifax and have been hosted by the club. These include Sergei Ignatov, Vycheslav Anokhin, Victor Filipovitch, Evgenii Biljauer, Andrei Nikolaev, Igor & Tatiana Aristov, Gennadi Tregoub, and Valerii Tabenkov all of whom have been in Nova Scotia in different travelling companies of the Moscow Circus, Elena Lev who came with the Cirque du Soleil, and Li Li-ping, a marvellous antipodist who came as part of the Wuhan Circus. Not long ago the internationally acclaimed Cirque du Soleil payed a visit to Halifax.


Many jugglers who are buskers have visited Nova Scotia as part of the annual Halifax International Busker Festival that takes place in Nova Scotia. Some of them include some of the finest professional buskers, circus stars and cabaret performers from around the world, as well as rising stars. Curious about the Buskers who've been in Halifax? Take a look!

The International Jugglers' Association

Since its inception the club has worked closely with the International Jugglers' Association (IJA) and the club has been represented at several of their conventions in Santa Barbara, Purchase, N.Y., Baltimore, St. Louis, Montreal and Fargo N.D. The Bluenose Jugglers are an official IJA Affiliate. Over the years we have given many performances and demonstrations at festivals, in parades, for benefits and during conventions. In 1990 we performed two numbers in the internationally acclaimed Nova Scotia International Tattoo. Over the past several of years there has been an explosion of interest and the ranks of our club have swelled including both novice and experienced jugglers.

Club Members

Bluenose Juggling Club Members have distinguished themselves at various events. Find out more about who they are and what they've done!

Get Involved!

These are only some of our achievements. Waiting in the wings is a whole new generation of young jugglers already honing their skills!

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