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Volume 2.92
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         The Beacon is the longest running active Community Net newsletter in Canada and is edited by Andrew D. Wright. You can send any comments or feedback here.


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Updated: 21 November 2015

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Our 2012 Guide for HRM Council Candidates:
A Primer to the Digital Divide in Halifax Regional Municipality
Including some solutions


The Mousepad by Mark Alberstat and Andrew D. Wright

The interesting and informative computer column for the common user is archived here for your convenience.


The Story of Chebucto Wireless
Article by Andrew D. Wright - Posted September 3, 2007

What does an Australian bank, a conference in Montréal, and climbing around on people's roofs have to do with bringing low cost broadband Internet to Halifax?


The Age of Internet Television
Article by Andrew D. Wright - Posted October 7, 2006


A Tribute to Norman De Forest
4 February 2006


The Beacon Photo Album Right here!

[Photo: Webcam] On Top Of Halifax: Working On The Chebucto Community Net Webcam. December, 2004. [Photo: Webcam] U.S. President George W. Bush Visits Halifax. December 1, 2004.
[Photo: Point Pleasant Park] Hurricane Juan closes Point Pleasant Park. September 2003. [Photo: Phase IV filming] Phase IV films at Dalhousie. May 2001.


Chebucto at Word On The Street:

[Photo: WOTS 2004] Word On The Street 2004
featuring HR C@P, and the Chebucto Community Net 10th Birthday.
[Photo: WOTS 2003] Word On The Street 2003
Six hours later, Hurricane Juan hit and most people had no power for days.
[Photo: WOTS 2002] Word On The Street 2002
45,000 people came to Pier 20.
[Photo: WOTS 2001] Word On The Street 2001
The first year indoors at Pier 20.
[Photo: WOTS 2000] Word On The Street 2000
We kept computers and Internet running while ankle deep in running water. Videos.
[Photo: WOTS 1999] Word On The Street 1999
A big tent, beautiful weather and Chebucto's 5th Birthday.


Chebucto: a 21st century community net
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CCN Beacon. Volumes 1 (Three issues) and 2 (Six issues).

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We Need Help!

         The CCN Beacon is retooling and will soon need writers, columnists and graphics designers. Your reward is a credit which will last the ages, the knowledge that hundreds of people will read your words, the experience and some clippings that look good in a résumé. Send in a small sample of your work or URL to

         We need a couple of our regular column spots filled, and perhaps start up some new ones. Ideas for feature articles as well as writers wishing to 'freelance' writing them are more than welcome as are graphics people to help illustrate. Write in for more information.


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