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Name: Barb Duffy
Country: Canada
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:30:51 2003
Comment: Hi Bruce, Looking GOOD !

Name: Al Muggeridge
Country: Canada
Date: Wed Apr 2 14:33:21 2003
Comment: Bruiser,
Great lookin' page!!
We will be in touch.

Big AL

Name: Em Lehman
Country: USA
Date: Tue Apr 1 16:27:59 2003
Comment: You're alive!!!!!!!!!

Name: Pam Marsh (Homepage)
Country: The Best One
Date: Tue Apr 1 14:33:58 2003
Comment: Great site Bruce!!!! Lots of info and pics, and great memories. From one Everday Person to another,I wish you tons of success!! It's been a while since the days of 311, but as you said, we're all getting better with age. Chhers! Pam

Name: Dee McGraw
Date: Tue Apr 1 05:46:34 2003
Comment: Ahhh - the good old days! What great memories.

Name: brian (Homepage)
Country: canada
Date: Wed Nov 25 20:57:39 2009
Comment: hi bruce---nice gig I was in mabou couple years back when a nice 800 pounder came in , caught by teenager ,some stoked, whole village turned out,Thankgiving weekend,beautiful spot most people miss!

Name: Erna Luiting Jones
Country: Canada
Date: Thu Oct 22 08:18:42 2009
Comment: Hey Bruce: Remember seeing you at the Flick in T.O. waaaaay back when!..I was with my previous hubby, Scott, and you noticed me in the crowd and yelled, \"Hey, there\'s Betty\'s sister out there\" was a great nite and I thank you sincerely for producing your site as a memorial to the \"good ole tymes\"/

Name: Ron Carruthers
Country: Alberton, PEI,
Date: Wed Sep 16 20:51:19 2009
Comment: Hello Bruce. Just checking out your site. Do you remember me? I was your (& Susan's) personal banker at the Lower Sackville CIBC branch from 1981-1986... hope all is going well with you and yours.

Name: Tam
Date: Wed Aug 19 00:02:36 2009
Comment: Hey Sexy Voice,
I was talking to your sister last week--she tells me that you will be playing around here in September, give me a call--you have my numbers, or email me!

Name: Tami Doucet
Country: dartmouth
Date: Wed Apr 22 15:49:10 2009
Comment: Hey's things been? I was just listening to some of your music on you god your good. I'd forgotten how good you sing. Hope all is going well.


Name: George Jollimore
Country: Canada
Date: Tue Mar 3 23:48:18 2009
Comment: Still remember when the EVERYDAYPEOPLE played at ST. Pats High School in Halifax, N.S. Glad to know A CD is now available.

Name: Janie (Albert) Dell\'Anno
Country: canada
Date: Sun Jan 18 22:58:27 2009
Comment: Good to see you are still playing after all these years. Best to you. Janie

Name: doug burness (Homepage)
Country: usa
Date: Mon Jan 12 17:15:36 2009
Comment: Forgot how great your site was Brother Bruce. Enjoyed listening to the old tunes.... and the old pics.

Keep on rockin'!

Name: marjorie scott
Country: canaad
Date: Thu Nov 13 19:30:19 2008
Comment: hey nice seeing you here i herd alot about you from kim and years ago from my late brother rickey scott

Name: kim losier
Date: Thu Apr 24 00:21:47 2008
Comment: hi bruce

cannot believe i stumbled on your site. its been many years. look me up next time your in Saint John.

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