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Name: Joshua Gibson
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 23:03:03 2008
Comment: Hey Bruce, I just got back to Kentucky and remembered that you asked me to sign your guest book. Keep on rockin'.

Name: Tyler Warren
Date: Fri Apr 4 21:21:09 2008
Comment: Forgot to submit my email, hope to see you again sometime in the future!

Name: Tyler Warren
Country: United States
Date: Fri Apr 4 21:15:51 2008
Comment: Hey Bruce, one of the Tom Petty fans from Kentucky here. Saw you on the Carnivale Insipiration. Keep on rockin man!

Name: Art Murphy (Homepage)
Country: Canada
Date: Mon Mar 31 22:04:31 2008
Comment: Hey Bruce,just stopping by to say hello from Miramichi,all the best,Art.

Name: Cynthia Kerr
Country: Canada
Date: Tue Mar 18 18:46:44 2008
Comment: Hi Bruce,
You have an amazing career!!! Talent and passion, quite a combo.

Name: Molly Oliver
Country: United States
Date: Tue Feb 5 18:31:00 2008
Comment: I was blown away when I found this website and band that shares my same name! Good work. I love your music and band name.

Name: Elizabeth Baxter
Country: canuckia
Date: Wed Nov 14 14:31:51 2007
Comment: What a wonderful website, Bruce. I love the old photos. You guys were kids! You 've made (and still make) great music.

Name: Mark O\'Brien
Country: Canada
Date: Thu Jul 19 21:36:41 2007
Comment: Hey Bruce, was searching my hometown Beaver Bank and saw your website. I delivered your newspaper as a child in the trailer court. You gave me an autographed EP of Molly Oliver (which my sister stole and lost) glad to see you are still doing what you got me so interested in. Keep singing!!!

Name: Scott Boyd
Country: canada
Date: Thu Jun 28 16:16:57 2007
Comment: Ok enough is enough..Come back to the Cape young fella. Love to hear that show of yours again..all the best and keep rockin'

Name: Leon MacLellan (Homepage)
Country: Canada
Date: Thu Jun 7 15:15:50 2007
Comment: HI BRUCE:

Very Nice Studio you have. You have composed a lot of great music over the years.


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