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Name: George Thomas
Country: Canada
Date: Tue Dec 2 02:26:12 2003
Date: 2003-11-18 10:47:41
  Hi Bruce .. Just wanted to say hello. Have been a big fan from back in the days of The S***ch In Tyme. Still listen to Got To Get You Into My Life and New Dawn on 45´s. Best Wishes in the future.

Name: Jean-Paul Cyr
Country: Canada
Date: Wed Jul 16 19:49:01 2003
Comment: Hi!Bruce,Hope to hear from you soon i still have the same number,506-473-617 you should know the last one ,right .please call me if you can i have lots to tell you man.thanks buddy keep on rocking always jpc

Name: Yorkie
Country: Canada
Date: Thu Jun 12 18:43:30 2003
Comment: Hey Bruce nice web page. Play on buddie. Keep those memories alive. See you this summer.

Name: Larry Rhindress
Country: Canada
Date: Fri Jun 6 12:55:52 2003
Comment: Hi Bruce James,
Congratulations on your webb sight. You've done a great job once again. It's so good that you are still actively involved in music. You are a world class performer! Don't stop playing!!!!!!!!

Name: Vicki
Country: Canada
Date: Tue May 27 16:16:14 2003
Comment: Hi Bruce,

Your Web Site Rocks! Makes me proud to be your cousin. A fan forever!

Name: Grorge Thomas
Country: Canada
Date: Sat May 24 21:12:32 2003
Comment: I was a big fan of The Stitch In Tyme.
REally miss hearing the guys harmonize

Name: Emily and Kevin
Country: Canada
Date: Wed May 21 22:14:26 2003
Comment: DAD!!! Stylin' wardrobe...Prince should take tips from you rockers. The sight looks great the tunes still sound great. YOU SHOULD REALLY START WRITING AND RECORDING AGAIN AND SHOW THE NOMINDS OF TODAY HOW IT IS DONE.DOWN WITH THE THREE CHORD WONDERS!!!!

Name: Glenn
Country: Canada
Date: Sat May 17 15:04:44 2003
Comment: Heard you on Mairtimes Morning on CBC.
Brought alot of great memories. I remember hearing your music
and being proud you had Amherst connections.
Keep on rockin'

Name: George Olliver (Homepage)
Country: Canada
Date: Thu May 15 23:01:18 2003
Comment: Just tuned into your site Bruce - great job. It was great playing with you and the rest of Stich in Tyme three years ago. You guys sounded better than ever. It took me right back to "the village days in Toronto(late 60's. Glad to see your still kicking butt in the milenium.

Your blue-eyed soul brother
George Olliver
(former lead singer for the Mandala)

Name: Claude W.J. Bryan
Country: Canada
Date: Wed May 14 18:44:01 2003
Comment: Sounds good make sure u send me any other tunes u put on your site tks. talk to u later

Name: simone
Country: Ontario, Canada
Date: Fri May 13 14:35:19 2005
Comment: Bonjour Mon Cheri.....Tu est tres beau!!
Would love to have you sing to me "someday!
Your "Classy French Lady" fan from Ontario!
xoxo Simone

Name: Virgil Scott
Date: Fri Apr 29 23:19:45 2005
Comment: Bruce thx so much for the site. EVERYDAYPEOPLE was one of my favorite bands back in the days I was in the cast of Hair. Glad to see your still at it .. Say hi to Mike Leggatt for me when you see him againand that great singer Frank Mckay.Again thx for the site.

Name: Michael Whynot
Country: Canada
Date: Tue Jan 11 08:33:42 2005
Comment: Great website.

Name: Michael Dimitri (Homepage)
Country: Wales
Date: Tue Jan 4 09:19:56 2005
Comment: Bruce, How the heck are you? I am so glad that you contacted me. Its great that you are still playing music (what else could we do) The website (above) is not up and running yet but it will be soon. You can if you'd like visit This is one of the projects that im involved with. I will write you a proper e-mail later today, take care.

Name: Dave Ervin
Country: Cape Breton
Date: Tue Jul 20 23:20:08 2004
Comment: Nice to see some memories amongst the pictures - what none from the Royal--The site is looking good--I'll be back to check--Send me a note--DAVE

Name: Shauna Hatt
Date: Sun Apr 25 23:47:39 2004
Comment: Love love love your website. Can\'t wait to tell Rick I ran into you and share the web address with him. He always held you in very high regard.

Sorry I missed your act, will hope to catch you another time.

Name: Mike Barkhouse (Homepage)
Country: Canada
Date: Tue Apr 6 11:41:01 2004
Comment: Bruce you are a pillar of the Canadian Music Industry.

Name: Luc Therrien
Country: Canada
Date: Fri Jan 30 18:44:06 2004
Comment:  Loved  jammin with  you at  your  cottage

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