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Name: Al Hollett
Date: Wed Nov 23 19:06:04 2005
Comment: cont'd ... i played around town here after that, had some good moments here and there, and kind of wrapped up gigs a few years back. (too tired sat/sun days) anyways, thought you may like to know a bit about those who support the band ... thanks again for making it available. i'm going to pass on molly oliver for now, but will spread the word that it and E.P. material is available thru your website. take care - al hollett.

Name: Al Hollett
Date: Wed Nov 23 19:03:08 2005
Comment: cont’d figure out how to play the tunes on the album, or get someone to show us how to play some of the chords, or some of the riffs in ns home blues. carson was bruce's #1 bass player, for sure, no doubt about it. myself, i liked the major 7th type chords you used, it was all greek to me
bruce has made quite a career for himself as everyone knows.(he's worked hard for it),i went to humber college in the late 70's and got a music diploma.

Name: Al Hollett
Country: canada
Date: Wed Nov 23 18:42:32 2005
Hi Bruce ... I got the Everyday People CD in the mail ... thanks, I'm really happy with it .....
I have to say it really is classy material, and the group had such great vocals and feel ... all round # 1 ..... I’m really enjoying it !
Here's some info for your website .......
When I was 16 or so, Bruce Dixon, (from Oakley and Rita) and myself hung around together.
I was learning to play guitar and Bruce was just beginning to learn to play bass,
we would try t

Name: Chuck
Country: U.S.
Date: Tue Nov 15 14:19:07 2005
Comment: I can't believe it took me so long to check out Everyday People on the internet. I found the album at a store in Missouri in the late 1970s when I was in middle school, and have had it since. Can't wait till I get my CD in the mail!

Name: Sheila McGivern
Country: USA
Date: Mon Nov 14 11:30:07 2005
Comment: Hi Bruce.....WOW ....what an interesting surprise!
Thank you for sharing this with me!


Name: Kevin Porter
Country: Canada
Date: Wed Nov 9 12:59:56 2005
Comment: Well done.I am very impressed.

Name: Phil Currie
Country: Canada
Date: Tue Oct 25 09:18:08 2005
Comment: Hi Bruce:

Enjoy the site...thanks again for jammming with us at the house it was a great party. Everyone enjoyed the music. You are a talented entertainer to say the least.

Good luck with finishing the studio.

All the best, Phil

Name: HammersmythBand
Country: Canada
Date: Sun Oct 23 20:40:03 2005
Comment: Dear Bruce,Thought we would drop in as per norm.The book is getting stronger everyday!Hpoe the rest of you people that read the book keep the great memories this band has supplied us with and it was great growing up on their music!
Chow for now!

Name: The Gang!
Country: Bowling Alley
Date: Fri Oct 7 14:57:37 2005
Comment: Strike!And Kablooey figan lookin good Bruce

Name: Bonnie MacPherson
Date: Wed Jun 8 21:20:43 2005
Comment: Remember the 'good old days' at the Morris'...jamming with the Continentals...can it really be soooooo many years ago!!!

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