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Name: Captain Bill
Country: USA
Date: Wed Oct 18 17:52:36 2006
Comment: Greetings,
As a club DJ in NYC underground disco era, I played "I Like What I Like" to frenzied club goers. I would love to have a copy of the CD and the original album cover.
Can you send me information accordingly? I would appreciate it.
Regards, Chilly Billy DJ
New York city clubs where I played "I Like What I like" are "Adam’s Apple," "Marty & Lenny’s," "The Steps" and "After Dark"
1970 – 1985

Name: Peggy Gillis
Country: Canada
Date: Mon Oct 16 15:49:17 2006
Comment: Thanks for the impressive bio and history on yourself Bruce. Looking forward to making more history with a few of the best songwriters in the Halifax area. See you soon.

Name: Cathy Young (Homepage)
Country: Canada eh!
Date: Tue Sep 19 03:51:54 2006
Comment: Great to see your site Bruce, the band looks soooo cute in those early photos... Were we really that young?
To see the Everyday people photos, my 'soulsister' Pam, and the boys, takes me back to Avenue Road, Strawberry Wine, Gord's sax, 'How High the Moon' and so many evenings of listening to your great music. No one can ever top the times we all had growing up in Yorkville as we did.
Check me out at as well as my own site. Keep on Rockin'!

Name: Ronald Brown
Country: Canada
Date: Sun Jul 23 19:04:56 2006
Comment: Loved your music since the early Everday People days playing on "THE HILL", Point Pleasant Park, then with Molly Oliver at the Old Halifax,Copper Penny, basicaly anywhere you played. Seen you in bands, seen you solo. Loved it all!! It would be nice if todays bands could go back and see what it was like 20 years ago!! Bands that had serious musicians and SINGERS that could really play, hold a note, and had to compete with all the other incredible bands of the day-Oakley,Peppertree,Snakeye,Dutch

Name: david cooke (Homepage)
Country: Canada
Date: Thu Jul 6 07:40:03 2006
Comment: Hi Bruce,I am looking for members of Amherst &area groups to make guest appearances at our Homecoming "sock Hop" Aug 3 2006 &/or Jazz&blues nite Aug.5 2006. Please refer to home page for info. Thank you,David Cooke

Name: Dolores Guetterman
Country: USA
Date: Mon Jul 3 20:29:05 2006
Comment: I am absolutely facinated! Wonderful Website!!!! I will visit often!!!! Dee

Name: candi
Country: canada
Date: Wed Apr 19 10:22:51 2006
Comment: i was a real yorkville fan..every friday and saturday night i was there to see the stitch in was nice to see a picture of everyone..bob and victor look the same as 1968.would love to see they play again

Name: Al & Donna Muggeridge
Country: Canada
Date: Sat Apr 8 15:07:29 2006
Comment: Happy 60th!!!
Sorry we couldn 't be there in person but I 'm heading west tomorrow on business. All the best for the next 60!!

Al & Donna Muggeridge

Name: WestGate Hotel Calgary
Country: Canada
Date: Sat Dec 10 06:10:20 2005
Comment: Fr:Brian,We had you fellow's out in 79 and Mike said you would come back for one nite:10,000.00
And flight's backline gear aswell as P.A. We'll do it you name it!
Call our friend Mike

Name: Phil Elliott
Country: Canada
Date: Wed Dec 7 10:18:45 2005
Comment: Bruce,Excellant site and Mike like's to promote the hell out of you.I guest you don't need a P.R. rep. with Mikie as a friend.Just glad to see the Everyday People info on board .Man those were the day's,unfortunately I did not do much playing in Toronto in the late sixtie's mostly down in the Penninsula when we came east from Saskatoon or Regina.Your old drummer Ken actually played Winnepeg and west year's ago.Great plyer,well chow and meet ya soon hopefully.
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