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Name: Kathy
Country: Canada
Date: Mon Jun 4 15:10:51 2007
Comment: Thanks so much for sending me the mp3's. You know how much I love Santana. Your playing was great - as usual. I like your website too. It's a great resource and shows the linkages of musicians/bands on the East Coast. That's really interesting to me.

Talk soon......

Name: Caroline
Country: UK
Date: Fri May 4 21:15:51 2007
Comment: Lovely chatting to you this evening....

Name: Dave Bingham (Homepage)
Country: Canada
Date: Fri Apr 13 23:14:36 2007
Comment: Hey Bruce!
Great site! All those great pics of the S***ch......really brings back a lot of memories.
And that trip to New York with you guys when I did's neat that it was you guys who were with me....label mates!
Keep up the good works..and play on!

Dave Bingham,

Name: Dave Ehrhardt
Country: Canada
Date: Tue Mar 27 19:46:34 2007
Comment: Listening to my Everyday People CD,as my record finally wore out. The tunes bring back great memories of your Concerts in Amherst !

Name: Jay (Homepage)
Country: Canada
Date: Sun Feb 18 04:51:22 2007
Comment: My grandfather got the Molly Oliver record for my brother back in '78-'79 or so because he liked the cover art. I was only 7 at the time (my brother is 5 years older) and became totally hooked on this amazing album. Since the early '80s I was hoping to find it on CD. Asked everywhere but noone could find it. Now it's finally available here! Thanks again Bruce, you really brought back some good memories!

Name: Michael
Date: Sun Feb 4 12:52:47 2007
Comment: Howdy Bruce
Hope you are well, I kewep waiting to hear back from you...hint hint..I'm getting ready to tour North America (first time in 16 years) album due out in March, things are happening and moving along nicely
maybe we'll be able to hook up, love to the kids

Name: Tommy Hunt
Country: England
Date: Sat Jan 20 11:51:53 2007
Comment: Hey Buddy, great to hear from you.I remember the good times on the Festival.
Mandy and I are still together and living in England now. Great website! Look forward to talking to you soon.
Will email you personally in the near future.
Take care Man,

Tommy HUnt

Name: Bill and Eileen Findlay
Country: Canada
Date: Sun Jan 14 20:26:20 2007
Comment: Hi Bruce:

Great website! Filled with so much interesting info. It was great seeing you at Louise's party in December. We really enjoyed your music and thank you for sharing it with us. All the best to you in 2007. Keep on rockin'!

In Harmony,
Bill and Eileen

Name: Dustin Kirk
Country: Canada
Date: Mon Jan 8 19:13:51 2007
Comment: Congrats on all the success. What a body of work you have. Your a true artist. Keep on rockin.......L8er days amigo....cheers

Name: Carmella Murphy
Country: Canada, NS
Date: Sun Dec 31 07:48:14 2006
Comment: Wow! Talk about memories, what a way to ring out 2006, by finding your web-site. I'm from the Cheticamp area of Cape Breton, and knew you guys back in the 70's. Often wondered what became of all of you, through my years in Boston and Edmonton. Bruce, I'm glad to see you're still around and still making music. I'll be keeping an eye on your website to see if there's any news.
Happy New Year
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