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Name: Larry Rhindress
Country: Amherst, N.S.
Date: Mon Jun 14 11:22:16 2004
Comment: With all the new music that has developed over the years, "I Like What I Like " still stands up there with the best. Maybe it 's time to re-release this gem!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: rick
Country: canada
Date: Mon Apr 26 00:15:59 2004
Comment: hi Bruce :

Shauna gave me your site. Nice to catch up to ya after all these years.

Rock on Buddy

Name: Harper Alistair (Homepage)
Country: London England
Date: Tue Apr 6 11:42:59 2004
Comment: Bruce,
Really interested in your website - as I play your song 'I like what I like'
regularly at a club night I help organise in London England called rockandrollsoul
( It goes down a storm with a whole bunch of
youngsters who weren't even alive when you recorded it.

Name: charlie quick
Country: Canada
Date: Fri Apr 2 18:25:51 2004
Comment: Hi Bruce.Just found your websight looks great. Lots of great memories from the Flick and 311. Still in touch with Em and Moo from the Private Collection. Remember Jake Thomas from Rifkin. He's still playing blues in North Bay. Glad your doing so well hope to look you up next.time I'm down east

Name: Ian MacMillan
Country: Canuckistan =o)
Date: Tue Feb 17 22:33:11 2004
Comment: Bruce yer a hard workin' boy and good on ya. Hey what was the name of that book we made it into... that history of Canadian rock? ...and how do you stay lookin' so good? ...a painting in your attic? (obscure reference) Well what can I say... we had a great time and more. God bless.

Name: Tom Weldon
Country: Ontario, Canada
Date: Thu Jan 22 11:03:37 2004
Comment: Great to find your website after all these years! I've been an Everyday People fan from my teen years back in Moncton in the early '70's. Gotta get that new EDP CD. Keep up the good work and keep on playin'. Thanks for the memories!

Name: Bruce Richards
Country: Canada
Date: Wed Jan 14 13:10:27 2004
Comment: It's about time we connected again! I have really enjoyed your website, particularly some of the pictures. Keep it up!

Bruce James (the 2nd) Richards

Name: Sam Moon (Homepage)
Country: Cape Breton
Date: Sun Jan 4 13:32:01 2004
Comment: Hey Bruce, did we have a great time at the Forum or what! Who says you can't go back. It was more than a re-union, it was a celebration. No Canadian Idol would have made the cut on that night.You and the Boys were awesome and so is your site. Thanks for the memories. SAM MOON

Name: bill carroll
Country: canada
Date: Fri Dec 12 23:11:11 2003
Comment: Hi Bruce, I've always have been a big fan. My first concert experience was at black rock beach in the early 70's with everyday people. You guys got me inspired to get into music.I have since been a fan of molly oliver later on. I always liked your musicianship and your band with the big rich sound with great harmoneys. I hope you write some more music, the east coast would embrace it. I love the molly CD, sounds great, keep up the good work Bruce...thanks..Bill C.

Name: phillip Looney (Homepage)
Country: U.S.A.
Date: Wed Dec 3 00:38:06 2003
Comment: Didn't realize what a nice lookin' guy you were/are.

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