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Name: Norma Houston
Country: Canada
Date: Sat Apr 26 18:57:11 2003
Comment: Website looks great

Name: Larry and Francine Maillet
Country: Canada
Date: Tue Apr 22 00:42:36 2003
Comment: Great site Bruce!!
It's nice to look back in time and see all the great things you did in this crazy business. And I'm glad I was part of it.
Larry :-)

Country: Canada
Date: Sun Apr 20 03:21:05 2003
Comment: Hey Bruce. Your great site took me down memory lane. Keep up the good work. Just consider me one of the Stitch's first groupies! How quickly time flies and how nice to know you are still playing.

Name: Brittany Wheaton
Country: Canada
Date: Tue Apr 15 23:27:00 2003
Comment: DAD!
Very kool! Nice to see some pictures of yah from a while ago, yah look like austin powers! lol!
Love yah

Name: Rick Dauvin
Country: Canada
Date: Mon Apr 14 15:26:30 2003
Comment: Real nice web page. Keep up the good work & lots of luck in the future.

Name: Dave Girdlestone (Homepage)
Country: Canada
Date: Fri Apr 11 22:53:30 2003
Comment: The site looks great..Brought back a lot of memories..

Name: Justin V.B. Wheaton
Country: Canada
Date: Fri Apr 4 23:24:47 2003
Comment: Hey Dad... The website's looking awesome!!.. It's nice how all the hard work you did over the years isn't lost, and can be seen by everybody... I love the pics!! haha.. (screw the Monkees, the Stitch In Tyme shoulda had there own TV show!!)....Anyway Dad, Keep up the good work on the site! ..your son, Justin

Name: Janet Lanteige
Country: Canada
Date: Fri Apr 4 13:02:34 2003
Comment: Great Site!!! Brought back a few memories!

Name: Dave Hare (Homepage)
Country: Canada
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:56:33 2003
Comment: Hey Bruce.... great site.
I hear there's a chance at an Everyday People reunion. Mugs and I are in and we are still trying to find Chris. We'll be in touch

Name: grant leslie (Homepage)
Country: yeah right
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:55:01 2003
Comment: Nice site Bruce. You have quite a History my
friend. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to October 4th
2003---should be fun!!

Name: Rafael Cruz
Country: USA
Date: Sat Apr 5 18:24:54 2008
Comment: Hi, I'm very much interested in obtaining a copy of the Remastered CD that you mention on your web site regarding the 1971 Album Everyday People featuring the song "I Like What I Like" (the original 6 minute plus song). I remember this osng from my dancing days back in the 70s and would like to get a copy to share with my son. Thanking you in advance.....Yours truly, Rafael.

Name: Estelle Turner
Country: Canada
Date: Sun Jan 20 19:01:21 2008
Comment: I\'m glad I you in the early days.

Name: Donnie & Bren
Country: N.S. Canada
Date: Wed Dec 19 19:29:41 2007
Comment: Hi there Bruce...So sorry we missed your last gig here at the Mersey...It won't happen again..promise. Hope things are going good for you, and you are all booked up for the holiday season.Pleae take care...,Donnie & Bren

Name: Hilary Stares
Country: Canada
Date: Sun Jul 8 21:01:06 2007
Comment: Brunette that dated you after seeing you at expo 67. We have movies of the band playing there . we dated while I attended the college of art in Toronto . Loved hearing you play in Yorkville when it was THE place to be !!!Cheers

Name: boe hanson
Country: canada
Date: Mon Mar 5 09:40:26 2007
Comment: Bruce, nice web site,makes me wish I had of been smarter back in the day and stayed in the band.Hopefully you`re still playing , I am and am in a band called Running on Empty. Again great web site. Take care Boe

Name: Vincent Henry
Country: USA
Date: Mon Jul 24 09:56:44 2006
Comment: Hello Bruce,
I'm a musician from New York. I have been trying obtain a copy of your classic "I Like What I
Like" for years. I had it when it was first released
but it has vanished, as these precious vinyl gems seem to do. It was a big favorite among the people I used to hang with at that time. If you have a way I could purchase this, It would be most appreciated.
All The Best, Vincent

Name: jAKAsso! (Homepage)
Country: canada
Date: Tue Apr 4 18:00:21 2006
Comment: I have searched your site and it doesn't answer my question. I must, therefore, ask it here. I have an mp3 track by Everyday People called 'World Full Of People' featuring Alexis. Apparently it was released on the Brownstone label. Is this one of yours? Was there another group of that name? Thanks. PS - cool site. Proud Canadian, and all that there kinda stuff...!

Name: Ralph Pinaud
Country: Canada
Date: Wed Dec 28 09:54:35 2005
Comment: Hi Bruce
Keep on picking,,,We\'ll likely meet around town one of these days. Perhaps at Oakmount Stn. or The Riverside.
Best of Luck......Ralph

Name: Sheila
Country: Canada/USA
Date: Wed Nov 23 23:31:17 2005
Comment: Hi, I'm enjoying browsing your website. You've had quite a wonderful career and still touring I think, WOW! I am very pleased to have met you...Sheila

Name: Mike Whynot
Country: Canada
Date: Tue Nov 15 12:45:59 2005
Comment: Just received the Remastered Molly Oliver.
Like the CSNY version of Carry On but the MO version is just as good if not better.

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