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Name: Kathie Baker
Country: Canada
Date: Thu Mar 10 17:17:37 2005
Comment: Hi Bruce,
Great website and love the guestbook idea. The photos of Molly Oliver are just awesome. They bring back some of the best memories for me. It was a great time in our lives Keep up the great work. Kathie

Name: John B
Country: Canada
Date: Wed Feb 16 09:45:44 2005
Comment: Love your EVERYDAY PEOPLE cd! It sounds good, and the bonus tracks are not filler!

Bought the vinyl when I was living in Ottawa in the early 1970's, and have looked for it on cd for the last ten years. My patience has been rewarded.

Regards, John B

Name: Michael
Country: Wales
Date: Thu Jan 6 17:07:25 2005
Comment: Hi ya Bruce, great site! Gee you must be at least 100 years old (thats what I hear all the time) Im glad to hear that your still keeping the music live and well. Looking forward to my copy of "Keep on Giving" hint hint..

Name: Olli (Homepage)
Country: England
Date: Thu Dec 23 05:34:53 2004
Comment: Interesting site.
It has the look and feel (and I mean this not in a rude way) of a gentle parody.
The pictures of Stitch in Tyme are so reminiscent of typical bands of the era, but to a Londoner born in 1965 they/you are completely new to me.

Name: Rick Kent
Country: United States
Date: Sun Dec 12 13:10:51 2004
Comment: Thank you Bruce for making available your CD from Everyday People. I have such great memories dancing to your music when I was in High School back in Houston.

Name: Cindy McDonald (Homepage)
Country: Ottawa, Canada
Date: Tue Nov 2 16:00:29 2004
Comment: Hey Bruce! Hope things are well at your end. We had a great vacation at your cottage this August, loved Nova Scotia, the beach and it was great jamming with you - you're a mean guitarist! It would be great if you could get some gigs up the Ottawa Valley way..I'll keep my eyes & ears open for ya. Take care for now! Cindy

Name: Wayne Pottie
Country: Canada
Date: Sat Oct 16 09:16:25 2004
Comment: Wonderful site full of memories for us all. Especially enjoyed last October 's sets at the Hfx Forum.....Another big fan.......Wayne Pottie

Name: Sharon MacKinnon
Country: Canada
Date: Wed Sep 29 16:24:36 2004
Comment: What a great website! All those wonderful pictures...brought back memories of doing the Lyteshows for your concerts. What a great era that was!

Name: Rob Oxygen (Homepage)
Country: Canada
Date: Wed Sep 8 06:10:56 2004
Comment: Hi Bruce...Just stoped by to visit your site. Your site is right on, it brings me back. Man I miss the 60's. Anyway talk to ya later...RO2

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