Square and Round Dance Federation
of Nova Scotia


History Overview

History of Square and Round Dancing

This article goes back to dance in Primitive Societies and traces the path of dancing forward though the May Games of the Middle Ages including Morris Dancers, Church Choral Dancing, the GErman Allemande, English Longways Dancing, French Contredanse, the Austrian Landler that developed into the Waltz, the Bohemian Polka, the Varsouvienne from Poland, and the French Quadrille.

We cross the ocean and continue in North America with the melding of these dances as settlers spread across the New World. It discusses the influence of Henry Ford and Lloyd Shaw in the development of Modern Square Dancing and the many new Round dance rhythms of the 20th century. Finally it traces the changes brought by modern technology after World War II and the explosion of new round dance rhythms.

Nova Scotia History

This article discusses the development of modern square and round dancing in Nova Scotia.

Between Tip Articles

Until its demise, the Federation Newsletter Between Tips regularly reported recent dance events and included tributes to dancers, leaders and clubs. It also had occasional historical articles about Nova Scotia dancing or dancers. Here is a quick index with links to the longer articles. BACK

May 2007 - Square Dance for Heart
Mar 2007 - In Memory of Basil Griffin
Feb 2007 - Mary's Islanders perform in Naples, Italy
Feb 2007 - The Nova Scotia Tartan
Feb 2007 - In Memory of Gib Bradley
Oct 2006 - In Memory of Don Robar
Mar 2006 - The 1967 Centennial Train
Mar 2006 - Laurence and Alice Harrison Profile
Jun 2005 - Remembering Bernice Thurber
Mar 2005 - Remembering Roger Whynot
Sep 2005 - Dottie & Gary Welch receive the Mayflower Award
Sep 2005 - Al & Corinne McNabb receive the Mayflower Award
Nov 2004 - Alex Ritchie & Bernice Thurber receive Mayflower Award
Nov 2004 - Mark Savage Appreciation Award
Nov 2004 - We Remember Warren Marshall
Nov 2004 - We Remember Lorne Tyler
Feb 2004 - Highland Capers Square Dance Club Closes
Dec 2003 - Festival 2003 Report
Sep 2003 - Ron & Dot Connell receive the Mayflower Award
Sep 2003 - Harold & Clara Redden receive the Mayflower Award
May 2003 - Pat Alguire & Scotia Dancers 30 yrs & 35th Anniversary
Feb 2003 - Berwick Belles 'n' Beaus 40th Anniversary
Jun 2002 - Gloria Rios Roth inducted into New England Hall of Fame
Jun 2002 - Highland Squares Honour Jack & Dolores MacArthur
May 2002 - John & Fran Essex - Story of our Square Dance Life
Feb 2002 - Dottie Welch receives DANS Award
Nov 2001 - Danseurs Acadiens Celebrates 35th Anniversary
Sep 2001 - Festival 2001 at Old Orchard Inn
Apr 2001 - Hilton MacIntosh - 80th Birthday
Dec 2000 - Jack & Dolores MacArthur receive DANS Service Award
Sep 2000 - Pat Alguire receives the John Essex Award
Jun 2000 - John Medicraft Retires
Jun 2000 - Jolly Roger Squares History
Jun 2000 - History Pictou Area Clubs
Jun 2000 - Square Dancing in Europe in the 60's
Apr 2000 - Apple Blossom Time in Annapolis Valley
Apr 2000 - Kerry Fletcher Surprise 40th Birthday Party
Mar 2000 - Brief History of Metro Association
Dec 1999 - In Memory of Harlan Yorke
Nov 1999 - Festival 99
Nov 1999 - Remembering Dick Leger
Jun 1999 - Gloria Rios Roth - 1999 Milestone Award
Feb 1999 - Square Dancing in 1969 in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Club History

This is a quick summary of all known square and round dance clubs that have danced in Nova Scotia. They are sorted by region. BACK

Nova Scotia Provincial Festivals

Provincial Festivals have been held in Nova Scotia during the summer of odd numbered years since 1983.

Year     Region        Location
1983South ShoreShelburne
1985Cape BretonSydney
1987CentralMount Saint Vincent University, Halifax
1989ValleyAcadia University, Wolfville
1991FundyGlengarry Best Western, Truro
1993HighlandSaint Francis Xavier University, Antigonish
1995South ShoreBridgewater
1997Cape BretonSydney
1999CentralMount Saint Vincent University, Halifax
2001ValleyOld Orchard Inn
2003FundyGlengarry Best Western, Truro
2005South ShoreBurridge Community College, Yarmouth
2007CentralCole Harbour Place
2009ValleyOld Orchard Inn
2011ValleyOld Orchard Inn
2013HighlandNSCC Pictou Campus
2015ValleyOld Orchard Inn
2017FundyGlengarry Best Western, Truro

Canadian National Conventions

Canadian National Conventions have been held during the summer of even numbered years since 1978. Halifax welcomed dancers from across Canada and around the world during the summers of 1982, 1994 and 2010. BACK

1978 Edmonton, Alberta  
1980 Ottawa, Ontario 2000 Vancouver, British Columbia
1982 Halifax, Nova Scotia 2002 Saint John, New Brunswick
1984 Winnipeg, Manitoba 2004 Calgary, Alberta
1986 Calgary, Alberta 2006 Montreal, Quebec
1988 Hamilton, Ontario 2008 London, Ontario
1990 Vancouver, British Columbia 2010 Halifax, Nova Scotia
1992 Winnipeg, Manitoba 2012 No convention
1994 Halifax, Nova Scotia 2014 Ottawa, Ontario
1996 Edmonton, Alberta 2016 Regina, Saskachewan
1998 Ottawa, Ontario 2018 London, Ontario