The Anglican Church of
Saint Andrew
A Community of Faith Since 1794
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Altar Guild

The Altar Guild presently has a membership of 11 active members who work quietly, effectively and efficiently behind the scenes to prepare our church for worship.  This dedicated group looks after the church linens, hangings, communion elements, candles and decorates the church for Palm Sunday, Easter, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day and Christmas, not to mention Lent, Advent and Pentecost!  They are also busy during some preparations for weddings , special services and other special occasions which arise during the year.

We work in pairs, and take turns monthly throughout the year looking after the church for the weekly services.  For the larger occasions, we all get together and share the work;  and the coffee, noise and fun!

Advent Preparation - The Church of St. Andrew uses Mary Blue in Advent. Hanging the banner requires 2 members to operate the pulley cords and others to advise when it is straight.

If anyone is interested in joining the Altar Guild please feel free to ask any questions of us or contact the Church Office at 462-1818.  We do have a lot of fun when we work together!